Friday, February 09, 2007

Surprise!!!~Happy Chinese New Year!!~~Gong Xi Fa Cai!!~~

Oh yeah! Chinese New Year is coming soon...Hurray!! holidays is awaiting for me...Can't wait for a break ...I miss my papa mama so much already...
This year is pig pig year...~ year of boar~ oink~~oink~~Hope this year will bring good luck, properous and happiness to everyone! Stay happy & healthy always!!
Guess what? few days ago i back home, opened the mail box i got a surprise greetings card from Eeleen. Oh my god!! What a good sweet of you, still remember send me a card. I can't remember how long i didnt receive hand written greetings card! My bottom of heart feel so warm, full of butterflies... Thanks alot! Huggies~~!!!
This is the lovely chinese new year greetings card from Eeleen

I wish all of you have a wonderful year ahead!! Gong xi fa cai!! Happy Chinese New Year!
Eat more...laugh more...sleep more..earn more...spend more...ops... should save more....^-^
Praying: all money come to my home....hehehehehehe... :p

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The Angel said...

Thanks for featuring! Happy CNY to you in advance here!