Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Papa Mama In Town~ Busy Busy~

Papa Mama followed me to KL for a couple of days 'break-away', i was so busy 'entertaining' them. That's why hardly see me online and blogging. Brought them shopping, walked around, eat bit in town till kaki ' patah'. Worst than working day, muahahaha! My papa love shopping, regardless is real shopping or window shopping, but mama dislike walking too much..>_<
We went to this old town kopitiam, we had white coffee, ice lemon tea, 'si mut nai cha' ~ stocking tea?~ signiture kaya butter toast and ice cream toast. What a disappointed on the tea, they used the cheapsket milk, the milk tasted so unfresh, kind of weird taste, bit smelly, but we keep quiet drank it. Mama bit regreted to order that tea, she didn't finish it. The ice lemon tea turn out so sour, too concentrated and no tea inside, just plain water and ice cube. i just love the vanilla ice cream toast. The rest we just quietly drank and bite, paid off and ciao. Never ever go that particular branch again. Very lousy quality i ever been. The others kopitiam not that bad. Old Town kopitiam
kaya butter toast
ice lemon tea but no tea
Ice cream toast
White coffee
the lousy tea

My beloved mama brought lots of stuff to KL, till my fridge so packed! stuffed with food! OMG! She tot KL nothing to eat, want me to eat more, please please...i wanna on diet already, please stop feeding me with good food!! Since CNY eve i ate non-stop till today back to work, still eating... Oh No!!!Big tummy liao...can see 2 tyres...

Before papa mama back home, we had a small 'reunion' dinner with Mary & Lynne, my ex colleague aka sista gang, we catch up together for a simple yummilicious dinner. We had some laugh together and updating some gossips. ^-^
Steamed fish
Fried tofu with minced meat
sweet sour pork 'ku low yok'
Stir fried kailan

Time flies, sweet moment always passing fast, papa mama need to back to home sweet home, aww...i gonna miss 'em lots!! sob-sob -_-''

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