Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jushi ~ slurp~

A few people keep talking highly about Jushi!! Stacy told me should give a try too! strongly recommendation of value for money and yummy meal! why not give a go ?
After that cook out session, Sylvia & Shaz mentioned that let's go Jushi! Wuah! I've a chance to try it out yeah!! Bunch of us, stacy, sylvia, mikel, sammie, andrew, jack, shaz all went together, zura went home early and kai came later to join us.
The service there just alright, don't set too much expectation for service. The menu has quite wide variety, oh yeah...i love flavoured tea, there got Ronnefield tea too. Mind you, their drinks quality just so-so, i guess should send their bar tender go training again. Albeit the drinks so diluted, we still enjoyed the japanese food very much! But...but...Sammie found a strand of white hair in her food! Gosh! But we wonder that it was a white hair or from the bamboo chopstick? Aw....>_< Jushi @ Hartamas Mall
Eel, crabstick & omellete rice (RM8.80)
plus add on condiments set only cost RM5
which consist of chawan mushi, fresh fruits & miso soup
The table ctr piece
Chawan mushi but not that smooth..:p
Mandarin smoothie (pineaapple, orange, pomelo & yoghurt), Mikel ordered it
Everybody in different actions..hehehehe...
Sammie found something!!
The cute little tea pot!
Ji ji Zham zham??!!
Stacy's drink...coffee with ice cream
JackSquare & Shaz
Yummy eel, crabstick & egg rice
Sylvia's salmon terriyaki rice
Mikel's curry chicken rice

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bebe^monkay *~ said...

babe, it was white hair.. for real :S my goodness.... stressness.. :P but i was there again like last tuesday i think...was having a late dinner wit quack...when they were about to close...LOL....but the food oklerr..dis time, no hair :P satisfied :D

tcare sweets, hugs :)