Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reunion Dinner @ home!~ Happy Chinese New Year

Cake mixer, beating up the butter & sugar for butter oat cake Vegetarian bak kuh teh
beancurd skin, straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, cepe mushroom & tofu pok
Fried noodle I baked this cake! butter oat cake~ yummy~
Stir fried mixed vegetables
Roast duck
Deep fried butter prawn with chilli padi, curry leave & egg

* i cooked this*^o^
sweet & sour fish maw
Yam & roast pork belly *wu tao kao yuke*
Sea cucumber, mushroom & chicken feet

Mummy woke me up early to give a hand in the kitchen, helped her to cook...My beloved mummy cooked lots of delicious dishes...i only cooked one dish...i cooked deep fried butter prawn and i baked 2 butter oat cakes. ~yummy~
Dad enjoyed our food very much... he mentioned my cooking skill improved lots.. LOL!!
A few years back i didnt manage rush back for reunion dinner, finally this year i make it!!!
Have a look, what we had for our reunion dinner?
'wu tao kao yuke' yam stewed with marinated pork belly meat, stir fried mixed vegetables, fried noodle, vegetarian bak kuh teh, sweet & sour fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom & chicken feet cooked in soy sauce, roast duck and 'achar' vegetables pickle. I can't finish all the dishes, but i indulged myself very much with home cooking, tummy bloated for whole night.
Evening time i baked 2 butter oat cakes before i hit my sack..'s very simple cake, i learned it from recipe book. Get ready all ingredients & equipment, less than 2 hours, i get the cake done. Phew! i feel so good to bake cake & cook with my mummy at home!

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James said...

oooo so many food! thats was why u didnt have time to listen to me. i understand, i would have asked my friends to go away while i enjoy myself ^_^ heh! happy new year!!