Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ang pow mari lar~~!!

Yesterday back to work!! all my staff greet me with big smile..Gong xi fa cai, mana ang pow?
Eh! I'm not marry yet , how to give you angpow? muahhahaa....My malay & indian associates don't know our chinese culture & custom. Nah... It's alright.. I'm happy that they still remember to give me a lovely greeting. Since no angpow for them, i give cookies let them to try out. ^-^
My chinese boss & chef gave me an angpow when i kick off my working day after a long chinese new year leave. Lots stuff need to catch up, paper work & reports are piling up on my table. February always is the shortest month, 2 meetings have been postponed and cancelled due to my leave application and others department busy schedule. Everyone seems not available at the right time for meeting, shall we wait for more? Well, i aint boss, let them to decide. hehehe...less meeting is good, less report, less work. Meeting always is boring and dull, wasting my time. :P
Few more days will be chap goh meh, CNY gonna to end soon. Before CNY end, i still can collect some angpow!! hehehe...this year miss out lots of angpow!! who wanna to do charity, please do donate some to my account yeah..kekekeke...:P

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Jaeboy said...

gong hei gong hei.

Woy!! u are bigger than me and earn more than me wor... shouldnt u be givin me an ang pao??