Monday, February 05, 2007

Penang here we go ! Part 3

After a crazy night activities with gang, i hit my sack kinda late. I slept till 10.30am, woke up for my 'refreshment', reliase my buddies all went to beach took photo. yeah bad! coz i love to sleep! ahhahaa....
Somehow, i still manage went to beach snap some pictures with Maverick. We walked kinda far till crossed 'border' to Rasa Sayang Resort which claimed as 6 star property, we simply snapped some pictures and went off. Rasa Sayang gave a different kind feeling to me, very quiet and breezy. Lots of nice greenery, full of flora fauna, sense of privacy too. Not like Golden Sands Resort bit congested with crowd at swimming pool. After camwhore session, rushed back to hotel to pack everything for check out. Before we leave the hotel, we got group picture session. Kudos to Mikel's 'vivian' tripod and his camera!! Thanks! Of coz we did our JUMP too!!
After a light lunch,Benghan leads us to Penang town to buy Gee Hiang cookies, yum yum! Everyone of us Q up to get the cookies, another small shopping session. your goodies and pay! :P
Once we done the cookies shopping, we were heading to HighWay!! Benghan brought us to Nibong to try out the famous crab porridge!!Thanks Benghan! You always be the eating king!!??:P
We had the squid, seafood tofu, steamed fish, bamboo clam, 'kong pow' prawn, 'kong pow' frog & crab porridge!! yum yum! The price is reasonable, we all very happy with this meal. ^o^
On the way back, we stopped by Ipoh to do another cookies shopping again! oh No!! We love to eat, we love to shop....:p
Before reach KL, we sent Jason home at Rawang, he was so lovely, brought us to try delicious fried noodles. Thanks Jason for your lovely dinner.
After dinner, Stacy dropped me home around 11pm. Phew! we were fulled and tired after a long journey! Thanks Stacy for your lovely ride! muak!
It was a short but fun trip for me! Looking forward to upcoming trip ....hurray!!!!

Look at our happy face! very satisfied with our shopping @ Penang
Steamed fish!
Oh No! mikel is climbing tree!
Come! We snap our precious moment @ Penang!
Cheese! cheers! we ROXX!
another group picture!
We posed @ Golden Sands Resort's entrance
I love this picture!!
(L-R) up row: Kopi, Mikel, Tony, Benghan, Maverick, Jason
(L-R) down row: Jo, Sylvia & Stacy
OMG! we jump again!
Rasa Sayang's pool
Group picture with 2 baby cars @ Gee Hiang, Penang
Look! we jump with our style! muahahhaa
Our gang!
Jo @ Beach side
Rasa Sayang's entrance from the beach side
Maverick on the rock?
Breezy beach
Hotty sunshine @ Batu Ferringi beach
@ Rasa Sayang
Chi Spa entrance
I love the Rasa Sayang's greenery
Bollywood style, hugging coconut tree..swinging around
Stacy very busy with her lappie
Rasa Sayang
Sylvia & Stacy
Guess who is this? lalala...this is notty maverick's backside! LOL
Mav was in relax mode..

Let me intro you this 'free & easy' style...hahaha
Our drivers!!
Look! Kopi was in action!!
cheers! aw..i was so sleepy mode
Stacy was riding a horse!mind you, the conman conned her!
Shall we BBQ the conman or horse?LOL
blue sea...batu ferringi beach
Tony why u so notty ah?hugging the tree?
Soon Ann shop @ Ipoh
We had our late lunch @ Nibong
OMG! who is this climb up to the tree?
We saw this beautiful rainbow while we were on the highway back home!
Benghan: which one to buy ah?
Wah! Maverick bought alot!
Stacy shopping time!
We shop again @ Ipoh!
(L-R) kopi, tony, slyvia, jo, stacy & benghan
Sylvia was digging her wallet for her shopping session. :P
Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang
Nice scenery from Rasa Sayang
Chi Spa entrance @ Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang
Mikel @ shopping action
Rasa Sayang's swimming pool
'kong pow' prawn
Stir fried vegetable
Bamboo clam
delicious crab porridge!
Froggy!! tender & juice one!
Seafood tofu 'lobak'?!
Exotic sotong!
Choice of ingredients....@ Nibong
Gee Hiang entrance @ Penang

One of the smart ranger, always drive like 'pilot'! LOL

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wahh!! enjoy enjoy :)
da pics are all lovely and the place, the food n da peeps are all fun!!! :D