Friday, June 09, 2006

Home Sweet Home ~ Food Tasting~ Yum Yum!!

Last night after i finished work, my boss suddenly invited me go for food tasting at Ampang Jaya with chef, GM & DOSM.
Aw...damn my mind, shit, i need go to pump petrol first. Everyone of us need to drive own car, follow one by one to get there, coz no one know the place and don't understand the map that given. free food again...yum yum...* eye sparkling*
This food tasting actually is for our upcoming promotion "Home Sweet Home" mum cooking dishes, to be kicked off on Father's day. Last week, Kak Salamah came here to present her home cooking dishes, recipe and photo shooting. KEWL! We tasted lots of home cooking food. Slurp~!
Savour the combination of local, western style of home cooking dishes. Enjoy the food in the kitchen, scoop here and there, that's fun! chocolate cake, cheese cake, lotong, chicken rendang, siam fried meehoon, japanese jelly, crispy popiah, sambal squid, nyonya kuih, bubur durian, bubur cha-cha, strawberry cake, curry chicken, etc.
But last week food tasting session, GM missed out the 'good time', thus he requested wanna to try again.
All of us drove our car, heading to KL. GM was the first one who so confidence leave the office and find his own way there. Since he's staying in Ampang area. We just follow boss's car, throughout the highway, someone got missing in the mid-of-no-where. LOL~ Guess who? My chef, we don't have his phone number whereby he doesn't want to give at the first place and he would like to change to new number soon, and his batery was flat! Muahaha... no one can contact him. We were waiting at the road side still can't manage to catch him. This morning he told us that he attempt follow the map last night for 3 times, still lost in the garden. Then finally give up and went home. GM was even smart, he missed out the turning, made U-turn, turned back to Seremban highway, and he kept turning here and there end up he apologies that he was so exhausted, doesn't want to join for dinner. *we don't blame him, coz he's expatriate and we knew his sense of direction aint that good* ^gulp^
Boss brought us turning here and there, finally stopped in front of a! a semi-D with 4 cars parking inside. Wondering Kak Salamah is damn rich yeah.. :P
She gave us a warm welcome, served us drinks and snacks (peanut from Indo, damn nice!!)
Deng~Deng~ Deng~
Dinner time!!! Table with full set-up, saw lot's of condiments displayed on the table.
She prepared Soto for us!! We helped ourselves, put all the condiments into our bowl, scoop the super hot soup plus the chilli kicap sauce! Voila! Here you go.... Soto soup...
After finished up Soto, curry chicken with nasi imbit to be served. The curry sauce so creamy, freshly cooked, chicken meat was so tender. Lovely curry chicken!
Dinner end with mouthwatering local desserts.. Suji cake, mini curry puff, nyonya kuih (bingkar ubi & kuih talam). Phew!! damn full!!!
Kak Salamah, thanks for your lovely dinner!

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