Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy fasting~~

Yesterday was the 1st day of fasting month for all Muslims, oh's Ramadhan month and Hari Raya is approaching soon! didn't realize that time flies like arrow that fast -_-
My lovely colleagues invited me to break fast together with them, few of them mentioned that not so use to it for 1st day fasting, very tired and exhausted. I'm impressed and salut them that can endure all during the fasting month.
First of all, they drank some juices, ate some sweet food to break their fast. Then followed by some meat and rice. One of my working associate introduced me kuih cakar ayam which taste fantastic! OMG! just killing me! :P
We had a great time together, i didn't manage to try out all the food coz i was bloated! :p
It was a wonderful experience tho.. ^_^

Some of the appetizers
Dates / Kumar & Kuih Tempeyek
dressing / sauces / vegetables
BBQ lamb leg
roti canai
buttered prawns
prawns on ice
mousse with chocolate rice
young mango salad (kerabu)
seafood salad
BBQ chicken wing & lamb chop
yummy smoking hot roti canai
heavenly ice kacang


J@n!ce said...

Really yummilicious for breakfast :)

Janice Ng

kayatan said...

My keyboard gone kaput, too much saliva !
Stop posting makan pictures lah, joking only lah.
Aiyo, why you lidat torture me want :). It takes me 30hrs to go back kampung from Florida, USA lah :):).
Cheers !

jimmychin said...

wahlau.. delicious..
how much u spent for it?

MOnkeyWOng said...

OMG, i can't control my saliva anymore...... YUM YUM

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

@ janice, it's for dinner instead. :P

@ Jamy, i belif tat u can have it in USA there. :P

@ Jimmychin, i ate for free..:P

@ Monkeywong, i will provides u some tissue papers..:P