Thursday, September 06, 2007


Finally we met up together after so long, our outing turn out very delightted & fruitful at Dome Cafe, Lot 10. Roslyn is a down to earth girl who i know for almost 2 years, Grace is a lovely girl (moi dearly sista)who back from Australia recently and i know her for almost 2 years too, James is a fun loving friend from Mauritius who i know for almost 2 years as well, 3 of them i get to know them from blogsphere. Amazing huh? Finally we met up together as a small blogger gathering. :P oh yeah, not to forget my bestie, Stacy who i know more than 9 years and she is a blogger too.
We had so many topics to chat about, can't really pay full attention to everyone.
oh yeah, we spotted an adorable baby at Dome Cafe there, we manage to capture his cutie face from our table. i wish i could have the special 'mm' lense that could reach that far to capture the sweet moment. :P

The cutie ...
Grace & Jo
Jo & Stacy
James, Jo & Roslyn
cheeky james
smiley Roslyn
sexy grace
cute Stacy
What so funny huh?

Our drinks..~slurpy~

Enjoy the video clip here.^_^


Borrego said...

She is cute, too bad I have no idea what they were talking about in the video.

coffee81 said...

Wah! I looked more like a nasty looking Roslyn than a funny Roslyn! From the way I look at my camera, it's as if I would be swallowing my very own cam soon! Kakaka!