Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sinful food...........~~~

Been to the FHM 2007 for one whole day, i was damn exhausted! FHM was chaotic, i don't even have time to walk all the sessions in the exhibition. I found this year the suppliers / companies been reduced if compare to last year, some of my suppliers didn't put their booth there. So gonna to miss out lots of opportunities to grab information and taste out the food samples.
I met up Elaine there in the afternoon, she dropped by to do a short interview for her assignment. I just non stop snapping photos till my memory card ran out of space and battery went flat. Of coz i have to be there to show my support to the team and gather some useful information. I was impressed of all the art work / art piece presented by all the talented candidates, just name it... bar tender talents show for cocktail / mocktail, butter sculpture, chocolate sculpture, bread sculpture, marzipan sculpture, tapas presentation, fruits carving, cooking contest and etc.
After the last session of competition of the day, we went to walk around in the exhibition, we attend a fun talk show session which presented by an Italian chef, he introduced cooling process system, blast chiller. He tried to explain to us how important the cooling process and the equipment which will affect the food quality and operations. He demonstrated the cooking process and cooling process of spaghetti pasta with tomato sauce, we sat there for 15-20 minutes listening to his talk show, we indulged ourselves with the yummilicious pasta with a surprise dessert too (panna cotta / timirasu in glass). Before end up the exhibition, we went to wine session, tasted some wines (thanks god didn't get drunk), the tipsy feeling was good! ahahhaa..
And last but not least, congratulations to chefie and team who won 2 silver, 2 bronze and 3 diploma!!
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Eiffel Tower
Chef in action
Nervous bar tender on the stage, to be judged by the Jury
Some unknown drinks

The crowd in Hall 5
Award winning dessert
Zainol & Elaine

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"I just non stop snapping photos till my memory card ran out of space and battery went flat."