Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh! I Love big O!

Luscious! Yummy! Fresh! Passion! Irresistible !
I've heard of this donuts for so long, but still have no chance to try it out!
Last sunday was hanging out with Grace, i told her i craved for this donuts which tastes so good, i want to hunt for it! Firstly, i told her Big Tree! *ops* Pardon me, It's Big Apple! hahaha... my bad! Finally, we found this outlet at the Curve, when i saw the delicious donuts displayed at the corner, so tempting! *saliva dripping*
I kid you not, lots of people will die for this donuts!
In my mind, i just want to try it out, might just grab one piece @ RM2. Then we saw 6 pieces for RM9.50 which is cheaper! never waste much time, we Q-up to grab our donuts! While we were picking our donuts, we can observed how the staff making the donuts! mind you, it's freshly baked!!!!
We had green tea, bananarama, chocolate, durian, caramel & peanut butter (i guess so) ^_^
After my first bite, i just can't stop myself keep munching more donuts! Just imagine, once you give a bite, you will have the kind of happy feeling (from your sense), so soft...another bite...the soft cream filling is squeezing out from donuts..kill me better! *finger licking good*
Oh My God!
Here you go my diet!
I love big O!!! Big Apple Donuts!! hm..bit regret now never grab a cuppa illy coffee from there!

Oh! Big apple donuts!
Look! our donuts are on the way out from oven!
Finger licking good!
Grace indulges herself with yummilicious donuts!
My donuts!! yum yum!

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BeeLee said...

I'm not a fan of donuts, but I have to agree that they looked so delicious ! Will give it a try the next time I'm around that area :)