Monday, September 24, 2007

I love moon cake!

Mid-autumn festival is around the corner!
Can find everywhere is selling moon cakes! selling like hot cake!
I miss the childhood time, carried the colourful lantern running around the housing area with cousin, munching moon cake & snacks! We yelled & laugh together,it was so fun! But now we all grown up, sad to say no time for these all again. Most of us are working outstation, tight up with work, busy social life, some get married with kids. This festival always get most of the family members & relatives gather together like a little re-union gathering to spend some quality times. Although i don't celebrate this special occasion with my beloved family, i still send my regards and delivers moon cakes. :p My buddy friends will celebrate it together with me!
Every year i ought to buy moon cake to give away, this year i am so lucky! why? Coz i've received 4 pieces of yummy moon cakes from friends! How nice yeah? It was a surprise! ^_^

The nice packaging
Tiramisu & lotus moon cakes
Yam & chicken floss & sesame moon cake
chocolate truffle stuffed with cheese moon cake! simply irresistible!


Joanne said...

Ohhh, love, love, love moon cakes, too~! And as much I love eating all the different kinds, my favorite kind is still the ones with just red-bean, haha.

Johnny Ong said...

i still prefer the normal mooncake that comes with lotus paste and those fabulous shanghai mooncake