Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Double-Triple & More

I've promised James to show him our KLCC twin tower (proudly presenting to all), thus we went there for a walk. At the same time, we dated Elaine over there. James surprised me of invited his bestie from Mauritius, Imran who is a cute guy (yet a decent person):p~ Both of them were talking non-stop, i hardly put a full stop to pause them. LOL! so much to share!
We went to Deli France for brunch, then proceed to Lecka-lecka while we were waiting for Imran, out of sudden craved for ice cream. Swear to god that the gelato is marvelous! I had tiramisu flavour, creamy & rich!
We end up our late lunch @ Manhattan fish market with giant seafood platter! phew! so full!~

KLCC twin tower
KLCC park
funny faces @ Deli France
Why she is confusing with these cameras?
James & Elaine
Elaine & Jo
Hey, look here!
point up & down! :P
Whatcha doing?
Lecka-lecka gelato ice cream
Giant seafood platter @ Manhattan fish market
Can you spot 4-of-us?

P/s: some pictures courtesy of Elaine & James ^_^

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