Wednesday, September 05, 2007


fish finger, ginseng soup, fried vege, steamed pomfret fish, fried egg
my golden breaded fish finger
steamed fish
fried vege
Mary, 1 of my big sista who always take care of me
Tiramisu mooncake!

I was sleeping for almost whole day during National Day, on and off woke up due to the SMS disturbance keep poping in. Rolling...laying like dead fish on bed, such a heavenly task which no one will nag me for that. *evil grin*
Suddenly i heard *beep*, OH NO! another sms....??!! Oh yeah, my sista gang surprised me that to have a pot luck at her place. Lynne & Mary were so excited and invited me to go over there to cook! hmm.... Lynne told me to bring some food or to cook something??!!
I decided to give a try to cook fried fish finger...hehehe...:p
After get my shower done, rushed to Lynne's place, she nagged me : dude, your time management is sux! #$@%$#%!! please forgive me lah..just bear with me, at least i turn up after 10 minutes. :P
I saw Mary was busy with her mis-en-place, she fried choysum with garlic & onions, steamed pomfret fish (ikan bawal)with plum &! smell so nice!! Lynne cooked ginseng tonic soup with chicken (chinese herbs soup), fu-yoh! very good for health!
Never wait for long, i start my cooking session. Get my fish johndory fillet ready, pour the tempura flour, beat the egg (pepper & salt to taste)& bread crumbs, all onto separate containers. Firstly, coated the fish fillet with dry flour, dip with egg then coated with bread crumbs, put the fish fillet into the wok , deep fried with oil till golden brown. Then served with tartar sauce or chilli sauce / ketchup.
After dinner, 3 of us became potato coach, sipping our tea and indulged some mooncake bites till late night. o(^_^)o

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pikey said...

waaaaah so nice oh... having potluck with frens... and me havent start eating mooncake yet, kekekeke