Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jingle bell! Jingle bell~~!! Christmas is coming

Little Santa Claus
Red ball on Xmas tree
Christmas tree @ Lobby Lounge
Christmas tree's deco
Another Christmas tree @ Level 1

Jingle Bell....Jingle Bell!!~~~
5 more days to go, Christmas is coming...2006 gonna to end in 2 weeks time.
Faster make a wish and get yourself a new year resolution for next year.
This year my christmas gonna be lonley and quiet one, no any celebration for this.
Pretty much boring i guess, gonna rest at home with my TV programme.
So what about your plan? Do tell me about yours... :)
Some pictures i took at my working place..Where's my christmas pressie huh? gonna in my dream lah...!!


Kavana20 said...

Eh HAllo! you ar! smack you then u esther out lar..she is also free during xmas girls go and hang out together long didnt see each other hv many friends mar...u turn down other ppl's offer is it? kekeke oppsss :x

Jo said...

aiyoyo...why smack me? but always welcome to smack me...see who will win..hahahaa
ask esther out? she is busy business woman lah...where got time for me? so hard to date her out harm give a try one. :P
ages never see her this skeleton lah.. duno she still remember me o not? i've lots of frenz meh? yeah keh? mana ada woh...
me tak 'lahku', no one date me out, poor me lah..have to stuck at home growing fungus. LOL