Friday, December 29, 2006


Today we had State of Hotel Address by GM plus monthly TGIF for staff.
While i was sitting there almost doze off of listening to GM blablabla for company business performance review and some others presentation, bit boring. I even saw my FC fall asleep on his chair, hahahaha!
We all wish to hear something excited but very disappointed didn't annouce anything to thrill my mood!
Anyway, we just wanna GM cut short his presentation and speech, faster let dinner to be served. Crave for yummy food!! LOL :P
black pepper minute beef
roti jala
calamari...breaded squid
assam laksa..yummy!
Gratinated cauliflower

fish fillet with lemon butter sauce
Turkey ratatoille
Ginger bread man
bread butter pudding
xmas yule log cake
white xmas cake
mango pudding

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