Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dumb Ass Cash Deposit Machine!!

Few days ago i wanted to made credit card payment via cash deposit machine, went to this bank twice (in different date), can you imagine all machinese were out of service!!??
Mind you, as our smart ass government said want to maximize the banker's working hours and their efficiency, change the working day to 5 days and encourage us to do all banking transaction via machines. Just imagine that the dumb ass superb duber stupid machine always out of service, how could you expect me one day run to so many branches or coem back so many times to do one payment huh? Sounds ridiculous right?
Whenever you see 2 to 4 cash deposit machines, shall feel happy that one is still working in good condition, coz most of the time, 2 machines only one machine is working, end up you can see such a long Q there, everyone Q up to do simple transaction. Utterly wasting our time!! If you want to provide us a better environment and good facilities, please kindly ensure your system is working!! Don't simply blame the consumers for late payment instead of your system always in DOWN TIME!!
Another good example, try go to bank have a look. Set up many slot for machines, i.e. you see 6 slots, but only 2 machines are setting up and functioning. If you are lucky enough, at least you get one of them is functioning. Mind you, not all bank branches provide cash deposit machines!!!! GOSH!!!

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