Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zoom with Zing

What is that????
Oh yeah! This is Zing Card from Maybank!! Another stupid method of squeezing our money. Let me tell you how is it works..

Welcome to a world of convenience with your new Maybankard Touch & Go Zing. The Zing Card can be used at any facilities that display T&G logo. It works the same way as the traditional Touch & go card where all you need to do is to touch the card at the T&G reader or insert into the SmartTag reader.
Smart my ass lah!! all come with term & conditions one!

The Zing card is not a credit card, it's a card that is linked to your Maybank credit card account. when the balance drops to RM50, it automatically uploads to RM100 from your Maybank credit card account, that mean upload amount will directly charge to your credit card account, your T&G Zing card always full with credits!! You no longer have to manually reload the card.

Why wait? Enjoy the convenience and Zoom with Zing now!!
New Zing card must first be activated at any T&G or SmartTag lanes at toll plazas.

Fee & Charges:-

subscription fee (1 time non-refundable payment)~RM10
Automatic Reload fee ~ RM2

Mind you, now manually reload T&G will charge RM0.50 regardless from toll plaza, Petronas station or ATM machine.

Next Yr the stewpiak Gvrment has increased 6 major toll fee, DAMN it!! I sure kena liao!!
From RM1 per toll end up i need to pay RM1.60, soon I need to pay RM3.20 per day. *sob sob*

Useless Maybank grant me free Zing Card lah!! End up I need to spend more $$$$$!! $%#$^%&^%&^#$%#^$^#$!@!

1 comment:

adrian said...

Actually Hong Leong had this before. The size is even smaller. And is fxxx useless.....
Auto reload once less than RM50. Actually this is useful for those that travel the highway where the toll is RMxx.xx But for normal KL user...walao everytime less than RM50 will top up RM100...
And need to charge somemore... If not mistaken HLB cancel the card already due to that issues where user complain and don't want to pay it and HLB also not willing to pay to T&G

Provide a service but we still need to pay for it..no comment.