Monday, December 04, 2006

Ga-Ryan-Field's Birthday!!

Saturday was a busy day!!
Phew! opened my eyes at 11am, rolling around my bed before i get ready for evening activities. I was stuck in stupid traffic jam for almost 2 hours to reach KL, poor little Stacy was waiting for lunch, she was starving, ops sorry dear!! Maverick teased me that why i bullied and tortured her since she is so little and petite.:p
we went for a quick late lunch, back to her place relax bit wait for Sylvia, Tony & Becky.
Finally everyone was on time, we were heading to one of the cake shop @ Cheras get a cake for birthday boy, Ryan. Then we went to Leisure Mall, Wongkok restaurant VIP room. Woah!! lots of people!! Greetings here and there!!
After dinner, camwhore session started every corner of the VIP room there. *flash flash* posing here and there, snap snap ....
Tang Tang Tang!!! Sylvia presented the birthday cake to birthday boy, Ryan!! All kind version of B'day songs all out from our mouth!! Rames even sang the tamil's birthday song specially just for Ryan!! *clap clap*
Till the dinner session ended, Stacy & I joined David's group for karaoke session till 4am (Sunday morning!!) It was absolutely FUN!! sing...sing... no tomorrow!! Ryan's group was sang at another room, but we manage to get soggie came over duet a few songs. ^o^
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Ga-Ryan-Field!!

(L-R) Ryan,Mikel, Jo & Stacy
(L-R) Soggie, Jo & Stacy
Gal gang! (L-R) Becky,Stacy, Jo, Jess &Sylvia
*hey! Ruben what did u do behind there huh?*
(L-R) Becky, Adrian, Tony, Jo & Sylvia
(L-R) Sylvia, Jo, Stacy &Ryan
Just two of us!! Twin
Duet with Ruben @ Neway
Girl gang with Ryan!!
Soggie aka Ruben, Jo & Tony
Girl power!!
*er...why Ruben also there huh? LOL*
(L-R) Jo, Sexy Sammie, Cute Sylvia & Tony
Group picture
Birthday Boy!!
I believe i can fly...i believe i can touch the ball :p
Power puff girl??!!
(L-R) Adrian, Ryan,Sammie,Ruben,Becky, Sylvia,Tony, Jo, Jason pop & Stacy
Same colour woh..??!!
Am i look like a butterfly?
Closed your eyes please!! sleepy group picture!
(L-R) Ryan, Jo, Tony & Mikel
Makan Time!! Jo & Tony

Five of us!our mafia gang!
Group picture again!!

(L-R)Adrian, Sylvia, Tony, Smashpop, Jo & Stacy
Naughty face!
Adrian & Jo
Wuah!! Sammie is Amber Chai look-alike ^o^
Our notty devil face!:P
(L-R) Becky, Stacy, Jo & Jess

Kiss here!! and there!!
(L-R) Jo, Jess, Sylvia & Stacy

Lovely sisterhood!!

Macho Rames & Jo

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