Saturday, December 09, 2006

Coffee Tasting!!~~ illy!!

beauty. pleasure. consistency
Let you have all the pleasure of Illy coffee.
Do you see the love black ring in the centre part??
Till your last sip of your coffee still can see the love bubble shape. :P
This 3kg coffee in big container, can brew approximate 400 cups of coffee.
One cup of coffee consist of 7gm of coffee powder.
The air tight cover designed provides a good storage for coffee bean.
It features a screw-off lid and safety-valve and is designed to be placed directly on top of the grinder-doser once opened.

Yesterday Illy coffee' s supplier came over to do coffee tasting!! Hurray!! Free coffee session!!

The technician & Sales person are busy explaining the product to us and preparing the coffee for us. I just flipping their info booklet and mingled around. Of coz i did observe at their coffee preparation. For a good cuppa cappucino we need to use Farm House milk which is so creamy and fine milk bubble in order to get a result of 'dancing bubble form', unfornately we only got UHT milk, somehow still manage to made a cappucino. UHT milk is not 100% solid milk, too diluted. We need a 100% full cream milk to made a good cafe latte and cappucino.

Mind you, illy is an Italy premium coffee and of coz with its fine quality coffee bean, never forget that this brand is pricey!! Illy was founded in Trieste, Italy in 1933. illy is available in more than 50,000 of the best restaurants and coffee bars and is sold in over 130 countries around the world, serving over 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee a day. Normally we can find Illy coffee at those finest restaurant and 5 star hotels.

A single perfect blend of coffee, handpicked from nine different growing regions around the world, and available as:
The illy blend comes in two roasts: medium, with a rich, smooth, balanced flavor and dark, which is more robust and intense.
• medium or dark roasts
• regular or decaffeinated
Decaffeinated illy is also available for those who prefer their coffee without caffeine.
• whole bean, fine grind and medium grind, as well as E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, an innovation that illy brought to the market, allowing consumers more control in consistently making the best espresso possible, as well as ground coffee preparation use.

Although illy's single blend was developed to produce the world’s finest espresso, it yields the same extraordinary and consistent taste when made with an auto drip coffeemaker, moka pot, flip pot or French press. Whatever the preparation method, illy’s rich, smooth, balanced flavor is guaranteed to reward the senses and delight the spirit. Coffee Lover should give a try this world-class of coffee. If you like Illy coffee, you definately will like Blue Mountain coffee

If you want to know how to use E.S.E, read Here

Illy’s single perfect espresso coffee blend is available in multiple forms, roasts and packages, and is sold for use in the home and office as well as the restaurant, hotel and café trade.

The three kilo tin of coffee beans is reserved for cafés, hotels and restaurants equipped with a commercial espresso machine.

The smaller packs are dedicated to home use:

  • 125 and 250 gram cans of ground coffee for espresso and other coffee preparations.
  • 250 gram cans of medium ground coffee for brewed coffeemakers and moka pot.
  • 250 gram can of whole bean coffee.

This is FrancisFrancis coffee maker, manual type. Need a coffee grinder, tamper & other accesories.

Types of Machines:-

manual or piston: This old-world style machine requires the operator to manually pull down a lever to generate the 8-10 atm. of pressure needed for espresso extraction. Piston machines are particularly sensitive to technique and require a great deal of patience and finesse to operate correctly. While beautiful to look at, they are best left to the hobbyist and, for practical reasons, are not recommended for the majority of espresso connoisseurs.

semi-automatic: A semi-automatic machine has an on/off switch that controls the pump. The user flips the switch to start the extraction and flips it again after 23-25 seconds to stop it. Semi-automatics are the most prevalent type of home machine.

fully automatic: A fully automatic machine operates like the semi-automatic, except that it offers the added convenience of delivering a perfect shot of espresso with the touch of a button. There is no need to manually stop the brewing process.

super automatic: Super-automatics offer the next step up in convenience. These machines are fully automatics combined with a built-in grinder. At the touch of a single button, the machine grinds an exact quantity of beans, doses and tamps the coffee bed and delivers a perfectly measured shot of espresso. They provide the greatest degree of speed, convenience and consistency and are also the most expensive of home machine options.

Coffee Grinder

Find out some coffee recipes and start to make yourself a cuppa heavely coffee today!

A cup of illy espresso is a brief but intense experiencethat caresses the senses, awakens the spirit and opens the mind. Each cup combines a small moment of joy and beauty with the pleasure of a short break for socializing or reflection.


Anonymous said...

i just walked past ILLY cafe just now..haha.should have bought a cup of long

Piggy said...

My dream is to own a coffee maker for myself in the future! :P

~TheAngel~ said...

I love to drop by for a coffee some time too!
Let's go for a coffee!

StephenLim said...

good post on coffee, i just like it!! wish to try it one day! or you know where i can find that? :)

i assume u are a coffee lover too! :)