Monday, January 09, 2006

Wine Training

Today Cave & Cellar (one of our wine supplier)came to conduct a wine training for us. My staff just dropped by my office to inform me that..keep pushing me to join for fun. Since i've done all the market list requisition, why not i take a short break to attend the training and gain some extra knowledge. :)
The trainer is a skinny lady, named Ashley. She only gave very brief information about wine, those thingy i've learned 6 yrs ago, for me just a revision. No harm to listen more about it.Basically, some of the knowledge i've forgotten. hahahhaah..

Training contents:-

~Introduction of wine
~The different methods of making spakling wine (champagne)
* Carbonated - the cheapest method
* Charmat process
* Transfer process
* Methode Champenoise - the expensive method
~The white wine making process
~The red wine making process
~The port making process
~Grape varieties
(go back read yourself, coz all in notes..*LOL*)
~Wine & Food pairing (this one really fake one lah, she not even know how to explain)
~Introduction the wine labels that carries by the Cave & Cellar
*Hardys Semillon Chardonnay (white)- Australia
*Hardys Shiraz Cabernet (red)- Australia
*Barossa Valley Estate Spires Chardonnay (white)- Australia
*Barossa VAlley Estate Spires Shiraz (red)- Australia
*Houghton Crofters Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (white)- Australia
*Houghton Crofters Cabernet Merlot (red) - Autralia
*Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (white) - Australia
*Yarra Valley Pinot Noir (red) - Australia
*Michel Lynch Reserve Blanc (white) - France
*Michel Lynch Rose Bordeaux (rose) - France
*Michel Lynch Reserve Medoc (red)- France
*Vernaccia Di San Gimignano (white) - Tuscany, Italy
*Cantine Leonardo Da Vinci Chianti DOCG (red) - Tuscany, Italy

The training was not the comprehensive as i was expected, the training started from 3.30pm and end up at 5pm. All of us sit for the test, i scored the highest mark. I received a gift pack - one wine opener and wine pouch (can carry 2 bottles of wine). Yippie!!! Not bad yeah...^o^


Wimal said...

Woah...that's great. You very kenglah, can get highest score plus such a cool reward.

Andreas said...

Hm - nice, wine tasting is always fun, lol