Saturday, January 21, 2006

100 things about me

  1. I was born in year of Monkey
  2. I do not have any sibling, I am the only child in family.
  3. I love blue colour, black colour and pink colour.
  4. I love soft toys and bearnies.. ( Patrick, Ivan, Steve, Booboo, BeeBee, Moomoo, etc)
  5. I can’t live without mobile phone, laptop /computer, internet, food and music.
  6. I love to sleep; can sleep for whole day no need to do anything. Just sleep, no need food and just drink plain water.
  7. I have 4 pillows. Please don’t ask me why?
  8. I am a freak. I talk to myself, talk to my pillows and toys.
  9. I love to cry, ops..crying babe.. I am quiet emotional person, I can easily feel so touch and cry when I read novels or watch movies. Kinda sentimental person.
  10. I am a hot tempered person. But my fire only holds for 5 minutes. I very fast to get irritating if someone really annoying me.
  11. I have sweet tooth. I love desserts, i.e. chocolate, ice cream, tiramisu, cream brulee, jelly, etc.
  12. I love cooking and baking. I can bake apple puff, onion flan, tuna puff, banana cake, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, etc
  13. I am an owlet. Always up to midnight chatting on line.
  14. My voice sounds very kiddo. No shit! Sounds younger than my age. Sigh..what to do? It is not my fault!
  15. I dislike rice, especially plain rice. But I do take fried rice. I seldom take rice, a few times in a month. I prefer noodles, all type of noodles will do. o_O
  16. I met a dreadful accident when I was 10 years old. The case was closed when I was 20 years old. I was in hospitalization for more than 2 months; wheelchair was my best friend in hospital. I thrown out blood at the first night in hospital, few stitches on lips and face, my left eye was swollen, nose was bleeding non stop, half of my body was full of bruises, gum was bleeding, 1 tooth gone, 2 teeth broken into half, pee out of control. Even my granny can’t recognize me while I was in the hospital. My mum not allows me to look at the mirror more than 3 months. Thanks GOD that I manage to survive till now.
  17. I learned ballet till grade 5 but I stopped it and gained a lot of weights. *wink*
  18. I was drum major and conductor in school band for primary school. I joined secondary school band as a clarinetist for 5 years.
  19. I quit my piano lesson at grand 2, can’t stand the theory part!
  20. I used to be a party animal,but i've stopped it couple years ago.
  21. I’ve accidentaly slapped 2 guys and kicked 2 guy’s ball who mess with me in my life.
  22. I had insomnia before, can’t sleep during the night time for one whole month. Awake at night to online for 8 hours till the next day morning. Mum brought me to seek doctor for advice and took medicine for one month.
  23. My first crush happened at 13 years old.
  24. I’ve sinus, I sneeze in the morning and night.
  25. I was born in 24th of May. My birthday same as Cecilia Chong. I’ve found 3 of my net friends having the same birthday with me.
  26. I am a Gemini.
  27. My shoe size is 5 or 6, don’t ask me why? Because depends on the shoe design.
  28. I am a coffee lover.
  29. I wore glasses since I was 9 years old.
  30. My first baby car was kelisa, now I own my 2nd baby car, My Hyundai Accent! Just loving it!
  31. I am shortie, only 5 ft 2.
  32. I have pimples, nah…don’t ask me why? Because it’s gene from papa.
  33. I love to collect ear rings; I’ve more than 25 pairs.
  34. Sometimes I can be a ‘blur sotong’ (lack of sleep)
  35. I used to like painting, I learned drawing for 4 years, but I didn’t major in art.
  36. I am a chatty box; sometimes my friends can’t stand me being talk too much. Sometimes too much craps & nonsense. *LOL*
  37. I got locked myself at home twice in my life. Can’t get out, can’t get in. Once I locked myself in living room, key was locked inside the bed room. Another time, I locked myself between the wooden entrance door and gate door with car key only. *don’t ask me why!*
  38. I remembered getting canned when I was small because I cried non stop for nothing after woke up.
  39. I am a rebel & sophisticated person.
  40. I’ve met Faye Wong, Carina Lau, Jeff Chan, West Life, Michelle Yeoh during my industrial training in hotels.
  41. I love seafood especially prawn !!
  42. I’d swear in my car whenever I saw insane driver with crazy driving skill, with no road manners.
  43. I say “shit!”, “fuck!”, “huh?”, “What?”, “OMG!” most of the times. *Just bear with me*
  44. I can be a very “mean” person if I wanna be the one. Don’t bitch with me.
  45. I cooked clam chowder with lizard once. (whereby I really don’t know how the lizard was cooked together in the soup, only found out when the soup almost finished)
  46. My favourite flowers include roses, lily, sunflowers and tulip.
  47. I love piglet!!
  48. When I was 7, I beat up a boy with my stainless steel ruler till his hand bleed.
  49. I can talk on the phone for more than 8 hours straight.
  50. I’ve been to Singapore, Paris and Toulouse. I love Paris!!
  51. I wax / shave my leg.
  52. I have more than 10 little moles on my both arms.
  53. I have 2 decent piercing on my each ear.
  54. I am an egg eater (don’t get me wrong, is chicken egg!), just love whatever food with eggs.
  55. I love shopping, even window shopping can get my satisfaction (market survey).
  56. Always buy something unnecessary, I even can forget what I’ve bought before and keep in closet and drawers for quite some times.
  57. I am a Body Shop’s product supporter.
  58. I reared a dog before. Now I have a fighting fish.
  59. I love McD French fries dip with strawberry ice cream, A&W curly fries dip with root beer.
  60. I love denim jeans.
  61. I love to see tall & macho guys with good look. They must know how to dress up. Especially with big eye and sharp nose. But sometimes small single eye lid also kinda attractive, think of any Korean actor? *wink*
  62. I love to observe people around me.
  63. I like to ask “why?” most of the times.
  64. I am a meat eater; I ate beef, chicken, mutton, ostrich, squirrel, venison, veal, crocodile, kangaroo, rabbit meat, duck…….
  65. I love vegetables too. Caesar salad is one of my favourite.
  66. I love fruits. Strawberry, mango, mangos teen, rock melon, honeydew, watermelon….
  67. Two of my Chinese articles been published out in local press and magazine before when I was in secondary school. My articles been posted on the school notice board a few times.
  68. I took part in teddy bear picnic competition with my friend, Jchanet. We won the 3rd prize for the smallest teddy bear competition.
  69. I love to sing, I love karaoke.
  70. I have problem to draw a straight line, I can’t draw a straight line on the paper.
  71. I love to play yahoo games.
  72. I hardly read newspaper. Most of the times, my friend told me the news.
  73. I’ve met more than 100 net friends before. NO JOKE!
  74. I’ve a pen pal for more than 12 years, till now we never meet up yet.
  75. I “sux” in numbering. I dislike deal with numbering and figures.
  76. I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay, bit Hokkien, bit Hakka, bit Hockchew, basic French.
  77. I only cut my hair once or twice a year.
  78. I am a kinda lazy person; I don’t play most of the sports activities.
  79. I have sensitive skin.
  80. I’d love to have 2 kids some day. (May be is a fat hope!)
  81. I love Autumn & Winter seasons.
  82. I love wines. I dislike beer.
  83. I have a diamond ring, it’s a gift.
  84. I have a twin cousin, very adorable.
  85. I always fall sleep while I read a book.
  86. One of my ex turns into homosexual. (don’t blame me)
  87. Cleo is my favourite magazine.
  88. I owned 3 desktops, 2 spoilt, 1 gave away. Now I with Fujitsu C series Lifebook laptop. Planning save more money to get new laptop. *in my dream*
  89. One of my childhood friend who I knew since I was 7 years old, turn into traitor!
  90. I permanently curled my hair.
  91. I have more than 10 nail polish colours in collection. But seldom use.
  92. I spend most the times alone at home.
  93. I been dozed off in the bus once and woke up found out I was in middle of nowhere. I paid double bus fair to get home.
  94. I got 3 summons straight in a year. (Hopefully no more!)
  95. I love milk products, especially yogurt.
  96. I always misplace my hair clips.
  97. I do believe in KARMA. What goes around and comes around.
  98. I absolute hated people keep asking “Why are you still single?” “Are you still a virgin?” *excuse me, is non of your business!!!*
  99. I love perfume.
  100. I hate people simple judge a book by its cover. Don’t pre-judge me if you know nothing about me.

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