Monday, January 09, 2006


Last week Christopher showed me some weblink about Hyundai's car. He shared with me his car problems and so on. I told him i wanna to know more about car maintainance and i want to make complain....*as usual*
I searched from yahoo, i got this website Accent Club and i browsed thru..kinda comprehensive information. Thus i do not hesitate registered myself and post up my comment. I was so grateful that one of the member provided me some useful information and website. I just post up my short complaint to the website in the morning, wow! I received 5 missed calls from the HQ and the car service ctr..that showed they really care about customer comments and really take immediate action towards the matter.
Firstly,I just so upset with the car service ctr which don't really bother follow up to call me. Coz i paid for the service, but i got lousy service and i called up to inform them. They sound don't care attitude. FINE then, i will take second action to spread around the bad service, if the shop really care about the reputation, of coz will do something about it. *giggle*
Finally, the shop boss called up to apology and try to delight me. Mentioned that next service will give me this free that free..muahahhaa...i told him i don't really expected for free stuff, i just want people to admit the mistake they had make and apologize. At least give me a call to follow up how's my car condition. He was so nice that offer me free engine oil and etc for my next car service, but my car mileage still not reach the specific service period yet. Anyway, i appreciate his kind offer, may be will buzz him when i really go there for next service. He even told me he has fired the STEWPIAK CARELESS staff. *LOL* i think not only my car KENA, believe the rest of the customers also KENA. The boss had enuff from this STEWPIAK fellow. Poor Thing lah! *ops*
I was thought complaining doesn't really work in Malaysia, but this time i really do believe my complaint was work! Completely satisfied me! Well, consumer always have the consumer rights to voice out the unhappiness and lousy service if we paid for it! We want at least an acceptable service with value of money that we have pay for. If complaint can improve the service, why not? (Becoz i always facing guest complaints on and off at my working place. *LOL*)
Phoebia lah..should i need to consider again to go back there for my next car servicing?

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Wimal said...

I think the staff should take the complaint in a positive way. Kind of like a feedback on how to improve or what are they doing wrong.

I agree with you that it is the consumer's right to complain if unsatisfied with the service.

I complain quite a lot actually, about this and about that. My latest was a complain sent to Delifrance. :P

No need to reconsider, they now know u r a proactive customer, I think they will think twice before giving lousy service. ok, that's my guess.