Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chicken Feast...Cocktail ? Party?

Everyday eat chicken in cafeteria..feel so boring already...soon or later kena BIRD FLU!!!
just name it...ayam masak merah, deep fried chicken, ayam perchik, grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, chicken with soya sauce, fried chicken with ginger, curry chicken, chicken with dried chilli and cashew nut, ayam sounds good right? but the lousy chef cooking skill is damn bloody shit one..duno why hire them for what? sometimes tasteless..sometimes too spicy..too salty..oily..uncook chicken...chicken with blood.. but i only like David cook, if he cook, i definately can identify which dish he cooked..:) But he hardly cook for cafeteria..*sob sob*

Today we had chicken feast inside the kitchen..David was preparing roast chicken..let me ..two..three.. WOW! more than 20 numbers of roast chicken were hanging there! erm..smell nice...steamy hot roast chicken... David grabbed 2 big fat chicken, put on the chopping board, asked me :'sister, which part u want me chop ah?" *ROTFLOL*
Erm...which part of the chicken i want to eat huh? ok okay...wait, i havent tell you why u chop off the chicken wing first? duh! "Sis, the chicken wing is nice!!" *nod nod* ok lah..take it... chicken breast as well lah!
Suddenly i saw BIG SHOW *pastry big guy* came and simply took the chicken neck away and chewed it..*OMG* tat's also nice huh? Then the petit shortie came just picked the bishop and walked away...why they all eat the "strange" part one...^O^
So 6 of us "whack" 2 nos of roast chicken! not bad yeah...
my second round, i asked for chicken thigh...hehehe...enjoy..yum yum...
All of us just stand there like cocktail reception, picked the nicest part of the chicken..some additional snack too...vegetable wow! shshshh..............dun tell boss yeah!

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