Monday, October 03, 2005

Utterly Vapid Monday..Not Blissful At All!!

I hate monday!!!!!every monday sure got "shit" to collect!
Who say Monday is blissful one??
Plenty of uncertainty...
Some of the people always look forward to Monday, i'm looking forward to Saturday & Sunday.
U know why? i can sleep till anytime i want, no need to get up early to get ready to work. I can do whatever i like at home, hang out with friends..have my own personal times and privacy..
Somehow i still need to work on alternate Saturday :(
so frust when some "SHIT" happened in the morning when i have a good mood, then the stupid incident caused my mood totally down to drain...
Imagine wanna to pay bill , reached the bank realized the cash deposit machine is out of order. Somemore the bank dared to put a small note there "kelana Jaya, subang and puchong machines all out of order". Damn, don't know when the service will be back. Because only one bank in the stewpiak location. Sigh...get the cheque to pay off troublesome!
Then after lunch time, 3rd world war created by my boss, because his beloved kingdom in mess, his staff forgot to prepare for today VIP set lunch!! The reason is didn't receive any function order! Gosh! I sweared that they overlook the function order. I signed off the function order and let my assistant to distribute. How come Banquet and Stewarding received the copy and get ready all preparation? Ironically, found the kitchen copy function order in the chef incharge file! Damn, everyone tried to push the ball around.. "DENIAL" Finally, boss has to manage to solve the issue with the guest, last minute rushed to cook for them.
Because you can't blaime on others, person who received the copy forgot to sign off in the desinated logbook. Nothing to prove.
Look, learned one lesson from this stewpiak incident, everything must have black and white!! No one can be TRUSTED!!

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