Sunday, October 30, 2005


i really don't know what's wrong with this entire world?
i've lost someone beloved one in my life 4 months ago..things become miserable to me, somehow i still take it positively. Life still need to move on. Time won't stop because of him or me. Not even you!
Last night i was online, chating with my frenz. Then i saw my fren CYWONG pop in, so i was so happy to msg him. He was on his mobile MSN version, i wondering why no reply. Suddenly msg response : Who are you? I was could u forgotten me? Then i told him who am i.. after all, he replied that he was not WONG, he was using Wong's mobile to announce something to his contact list. This make me even worry, so i asked where is Wong, what happen to him?
The shock msg replied: Erm..i'm sorry to inform you that he's no longer with us!
Oh My God! I really can't believe it!! NO NO NO! it can't be him!
later on, the person never reply for my futher question anymore.
i still carries my hope that Wong is fine..i hope so...i don't wanna to lost another fren again.. i knew him for more than 5 years, he such a nice guy, whenever i was down, he always be a good listener.
This morning i tried to call his younger brother, can't get thru at all. Afternoon i saw his nick parked away in MSN again, but totally no response as well.
GOSH! pls help me...i really wanna to know the truth! i hope Wong's fren was kidding to me.
Sigh... life is short, fragile..unpredictable..full of surprise!

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