Friday, October 21, 2005

Utterly Fuck Up Friday!

Today woke up late (coz last night 3am went to bed, that's why become zombie today), rushed to work in the morning!!
Thought will have a good kick off from the early of the day, guess what? Early morning get a government officer bastard called, and "kena" nicely screw from him for nothing. Believe me, it was not my fault though...Then following by his asshole boss talked to me in nasty way...

BS: Who is this?
Me: Jo...
BS: U know who am i right? i'm So&So's boss!
Me: #$%$ ok
BS: Why you guys don't understand english ah? I wan Chinese menu leh, why gave me all ramadhan one? don't you know my japanese guest can't eat ah? I don't wan these menus!!
Me: Alright, FYI, this menu was provided by my boss. I just follow instruction fax to you. (blardy hell, how would i know what's the deal between ur staff and my superier?)
So how may i help you now?
BS: Don't you have any chinese restaurant ah? I wan chinese food!!!
Me: Sorry to inform that we don't have any chinese restaurant, but we can offer you chinese menu under banquet. and we do have chinese chef here to serve you.
BC: So you mean tat can't give me chinese food lah! Wei! U listen to me first, i wan chinese food! tell me you can do or not!!!
Me: We can offer you chinese food, but you have to confirm with us the menu by today.
BC: I don't care! give me chinese menu now! But i wan additional kuih malay, kurma and air bandung for malay guest without any addtional charges! But i only can confirm the menu with you latest by monday morning since the function is on monday night.
Me: Alright! #%#$%^$^%& Look, we need time for preparation, we would appreciate if you could confirm the menu by today since tomorow is weekend.
BC: We see how lah!

Really wanna to smack my head talk to this kind of person, vomit blood! Because my "dearly" smart ass B*ss told that no need to bother, just sent out the malay menu to them. Futhermore, the blardy guest fax number can't get through at all, gave a courtesy call, the guest mentioned he was at home, can't remember his fax number (but told me this is urgent need to fax to his office now, but what da FUCK he back home lah!). Funny thing is he also can't remember his email address too! I tried 4 times to fax and email him all the details. End up this morning, called me up mentioned that the fax is not so clear, then the fact is his fax machine paper jam last night! What gonna to do with me huh? RIDICULOUS!!! Then i passed this lead to Events Team, end up no more space for this function!! #^$%&^$#$%#% The Event lady called up the guest informed that we have no space for them, Blardy HELL, this guest said we confirmed the space to them! HELLO! Excuse Me! Please wake up lah! i know u r not eating now, but just dun BULLSHIT me! You not even sign the agreement for guarantee space and menu confirmation, how you proof that we confirm anything?
So someone is putting shit on me now!! I need to collect shit which is not belong to me! Nah, what a shitty day!!?

Then i told my B*ss , the guest screwed me nicely in the morning and demand for chinese menu now! Then he told me don't give the menu first, let him view first, make sure is cheap yeah!

Guess what!? The STEWPIAK receptionist sent the blardy guest down to my office without my concern, 2 malay strangers stepped in my office look for my B*ss while i was talking bla bla bla with my staff about this shitty issue. Can u imagine how shitty was that moment? These 2 malay chap were sitting there listened what i was talking on phone with my staff. Blardy hell! Thanks god i didnt mention anything that tarnish my reputation! really Fuck up one! Then came here to pick up the menu and view the place. Then dare to tell me that, don't let others guest come in for dinner on the night itself, coz his boss dislike. So what's a big deal? as long as you pay me extra money to close up whole damn restaurant for you, i would love to do so! Fucker! not even wanna to pay more, then don't come and BULLSHIT ME! I'm not first time to handle this kind of event!
So i just sent him off, and told him off nicely, i only have this space available for you now, take it or leave it? of coz i understand you sure will get backfire shoot by ur boss, so u better be nice to me lah! I will prepare EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL for your backside!

Then i just briefed my "dearly" B*SS the whole damn thing. After lunch time, the fellow still cannot confirm anything, asked me pls be understanding bit, coz one minister is coming with japanese delegates, so make sure u all are stand by but we can't confirm the menu now. SO WHAT? what can i say huh? So i just keep quiet and told my B*SS. Really pissed me off already! you think u r GOD? Lick my toes lah! Then my B*ss end up wanna to have a word with this bastard guest, then i put him thru...guess what? he also can't stand this kind of guest lah! ahahaha....i saw he was controlling his temper while he was talking to the guest on phone. muahahaha....^o^ Now someone at least can feel the pain as i do... this guest really pain the in the ASS!
So the whole morning, been screwed up by this PAIN IN THE ASS! and my next door "island" cute colleague, Evon she is so nice that suggested wanna buy me something for lunch, at least "tame" my hot boiling water down bit. So i was looking forward to have Roti Boy as my lunch.
But i went in the cafeteria , had a peep on the food, DUH! totally no appetite! all curries! yellow lemak chicken, fish red curry, mutton curry!! how to eat huh? So gonna to skip it! End of the day, she told me too crowded can't manage get me my favouraite bread, anyway, she is so kind provided a packet of chips more cookies. Wow! at least i have something to fill in my empty stomach! Thanks dear!

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