Saturday, October 15, 2005

FFK!! Fly Kite!

Today is kinda fuck up day.
I hate being FFK by friend. This is not first time! Numerous times…I also can’t remember. L If you really can’t make it, please have gut to pick up the phone call and inform me, don’t just ignore the call and don’t bother to return call or sms. I definitely can accept any lame excuses if you can’t turn up but at least you give a call instead of just FFK without any reason. NO SHOW with no phone call! It’s very irritating! How could you being so rude to me? Last minute cancellation of plans and having to deal with rude and annoying people…What a day! Irresponsible, disrespectful, frustrating….
My friend, E who back from Aussie told me that he’s going back tomorrow, and mentioned that I’m heartless that not even yumcha with him. So make me feel so bad, thus I told him on phone that how about today after work? We set the venue and time, I even reminded him that I will sms and call him before I go there.
After work, rushed to send my car for service. Damn! The service centre “slaughtered” me, charge me expensive than others service centre. Broke liao! L
Then I called E while I was waiting to pick up my car, keep calling but no one pick up, sms him no response also. I believe I gave him 8 missed calls! He really pissed me off!
Anyway, I still was heading to the venue, Sunway Pyramid. Hey, Ernie, I will remember you this F*cker! You go fly kite lah!
I was walking around to do my window shopping and enjoyed “human” watching. I bought some stuff for myself. I was bit lucky today, dear dear Jchanet is working today! Hurray!!! Someone can go dinner with me. J I also sms ES, informed him that after work if free come join us then I can intro him leng lui. But phone no one pick up as usual he is busy working in office. Come on dude! Don’t intimidating yourself too much. Today is Saturday, Relax! Work is work, still need to rest for longer journey. Of coz ES is one of the person FFK me lah.. P/S: This is 2nd time he FFK me already! Must watch out!
I went to Hotel look for Jchanet, we were extremely happy to see each other. We went McD for dinner and bought the cute Freshness soft toy! Aww…those I wanted one, all sold out! No choice, I picked strawberry usahana..kinda cute..Aiya..Gary ! It’s your fault now, why you want to display those cute McD toys in your office, so “appealing”..hahaa…can’t resist it. But unfortunately I can’t get those you bought one. L Somehow manage to get one, still not so bad. I’ve tried the vege burger, nice and yummy! I’m loving it!
After chit chat with Jchanet, I don’t want to bother her anymore while she is on duty. So I decided go home. After reached home, just received ES’s sms mentioned he just read my sms and just finished work. Somemore dare to ask me what’s my plan later on? No plan lah…all good plans spoilt by those FFKers!!! I hardly go out to social around with friends, when I decide not to stay at home, but end up friend always will FFK me! End of the day, just look like an idiot!
WTF! Waste my time and not even appreciate my god damn friendship! Those FFKers always NEVER LEARN! Very disappointed…sob sob L
As I know I’m a freak and boring person, but please don’t do such thing to hurt me! I’ve a very fragile heart.

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