Sunday, October 30, 2005

Home Sweet Home

29 Oct 05
Phew...early morning the cab driver uncle morning called me and woke me up...damn...Look, it was 8am..gosh..have to drag myself up.. Sigh , this sturbbon uncle keep calling me when i gonna reach the destination and he was waiting for me there..Duh! who told you that i will be there by 9am? you asked me to call you at 9am and u will be there by 11am to pick me up. Then now whose fault huh? damn, if i get summon because of speeding, i will definately blame you and curse you for it! hahaha..
This old uncle turn here and there, make me so dizzy, Fuck it lah..i don't even bother to recognize the road sign..i just dozed off and sleep tho...i was so exhauted and tired..
After 4 hours, finally i reached my home...YES!!! home sweet home!

30 Oct - 4 Nov 05
I was so happy to see my mum and dad..i miss you all so much, i feel so bad that more than 4 month i didnt back home. feel so HANFOOK , can taste all home cooking yummy food prepared by will spoilt me...can sleep till whenever i to do some house chores..
Just spend some quality times with parents..watching tv..dinner together..fetch them out to anywhere..
Futhermore, glad that dad helped me to get rid of my dinausaur PC. *wink* It was a old pentium 200mhz, purchased back in 98. But the pc still in good condition. I just keep the altec lansin speaker and canon buble jet printer with me. Anyway, Thanks papa! I knew i been wasted lots of your money on my computer thingy. sorry yeah...:P
aw...this saturday need back to KL town, so sad...
i had enuff break..for this Deeparaya leave..really a good need to think of work, no stress, no need to think of money..eventhough i just stucked at home for whole day long, ..peace in mind..i think that's good enuff for soul.

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