Tuesday, October 11, 2005


NS: Wah!! WOW!!
HR: …….!!!!!
NS: Gosh! It’s so big! 19 inches!
HR: It’s big!!
NS: Oh man! 19 inches really big! GOSH! I like it!
HR: Come let me show you.
NS: Kewl!! Really amazing!
HR: Yeah..I really like It too! It’s 19 inches!
Big enuff..
NS: How long you have it?
HR: huh?

What da heck they talking about? Don’t simply think of nonsense…haha…It’s funny conversation between NS and HR. Because both of them are same kind of homosapien.
They were talking about new “pet”. HR’s a brand new laptop, Toshiba cost him RM13k.
Yeah, no shit! He paid cash for it. Rich people always can do that, invest on something they like and can show off. Then keep telling people how high tech is it, show to everyone the new pet. But with all good gadgets also useless, coz doesn’t know how to use it. Muahahhaa….. Wireless mouse can’t move due to no battery, but keep saying mouse spoilt already. Sigh…really don’t know what to say yeah…
NS loves to show off how capable she is, mentioned she is professional photographer. But give her a camera only can snap a few picture after that memory already full , u guess what? She set the high pixel for all pictures! And she showed off her new sony pen-drive which can be radio and mp3..Within one month she lost it! Muahahahahhaahhaa….
BL is another one who like to show off too, she loves to wear branded stuff. Bought a new camera phone, go around and showing off, within one week the phone was gone missing. O_o Her favourite brand : Guess, Esprit, Tiffany, G2000, etc. Always need to let public see whatever she wear or she carry out.
We wait and see how long this kind of people can survive? Keep showing off and goods keep get missing.
Some rich people can afford to buy all branded stuff but just keep low profile as much as they can. As long as the goods are in good quality, value for money and comfortable. Not necessary need to get all branded goods. Have you seen anyone wearing clothes with price tag walking around? Who don't know you have lots of money? have to use the money wisely. Don't act stewpiak! *toot*
Erm….wearing / using branded goods won’t upgrade your personality or change your attitude. May be able to enhance your appearance by creating a gorgeous makeover outlook (cover girl??) Nevertheless, presentable appearance is one of the important points we need to focus on, but with simple outfit still can bring out the best in you! If you know how to carry yourself with your positive attitude and great personality, you still a winner!


KY said...

if i have 13k i'd build myself a new toilet. :P

Jo said...

muahah...KY..good idea! have a cozy washroom yeah..:P