Friday, October 21, 2005

I Got Character!!

Many people got no style one. Me, I got character.

See-ah. I don’t simply take instructions from people.

I think first lah. Don’t like it, don’t take lah.

With boss also like that. I don’t care. Sack sack lah.

I not afraid one. Then, when got no mood to work, I just go for teh tarik. Don’t like? Not my problem, what!

When boss make noise, I tell him to fly kite.

Money so little, some more got so much work. Where can? Some more got so many bosses. Big boss, small boss, woman boss. One say one thing, listen until your pengsan. You can died like that!

I tell you sometimes not fair. Client also another kind. Always last minute change this change that. Guarantee one. Make my life difficult only. Then..

Kena work until two three a.m. who can tahan like that? Something koyak in their head. I not joking.

Don’t know advertising but only talk big all the time.

Then some more when the thing tak jalan, they complain we all no good. Then who kena? Me lah! Some more who?

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