Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bloody Trojan!!

Morning is a blissful day!
Turn on my PC, checking company mails and on my msn. Suddenly a msn chat window pop up: Hi, is that you there www.messengertools.com/Cybertouch......html bla bla bla. From bloody THIAMSOON, so i do not hesitate and click on it. **THIAMSOON, I WILL REMEMBER U!**Saw one window pop up then disolved. Damn! kena trojan liao! Awwww! pain in the ass liao! all programmes hang ...have to reboot PC. After restart, even worst, msn auto login and auto send all the the trojan link to all users in my list. Die loh!! and all out of my control, can't stop it unless i off the whole damn thing!
Antivirus prompt me notification has threats can't be quarantee...SHIT!!!
Faster swim to Gary's island for SOS... I know it's my fault lah...dun look at me with saddie face lah! i so careless lah! What to do? Gary tried to do problem solving, scan disk, etc. On safe mode for half a day, so i can't do anything, just starring at the screen. =(
After that Gary told me very troublesome and take time to do trouble shooting, so recommend to format my pc. Also, can't on MSN. I was so frustrated then!
Then next day i told Alex, i had this problem need to format my pc here and need to do back up. He was so kind and helpful, taught me step by step how to do find where's the bloody WORM/TROJAN / VIRUS. Alex, you such a GEM! i was so impressed that you really guide me thru... finally manage to find the files, but unfortunately i don't have adminstrator's access to safe mode delete the file!!! Phew!U ARE GOD!!! U really make my day! Really appreciate it!!
Anyway, the pc now is quite stable still can be used, MSN back to on track. Still waiting Gary to help me turn on safe mode to KILL the big fat WORM!

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