Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tony Roma's, here i come.....

Once a month sista gang outing again! Hurray!
This time Emily organized eat-out session at Pavilion, KL. She recommended us to try out Tony Roma's which is popular for beef ribs.
It was my 1st time stepped in Pavilion since its opening 1.5 month ago, it's kinda huge with full blast air-con, we didn't manage window shopping and walk around since we were rushing to the restaurant for dinner.
Wow! Tony Roma's packed with crowd, thanks god that we made reservation.
After we been seated, menu been presented, took our own sweet time to decide what to eat?? TR offering purely western cuisine, i.e. burger, fish, pasta, salad, sandwiches, meat & dessert. As for their beef steak,nothing much we can choose, if not mistaken only 2 options. We ordered tony's sampler, caesar salad, grilled cod fish fillet with your choice of condiments, boneless beef rib combo, fish & chips and free flow of soft drinks. The service was terribly lousy, the main course served before appetizer, while we almost done our main course, the appetizer just lining up to our table. Thanks god that we didn't order dessert yet, otherwise dessert will serve first before others. Haha!! While the server delivered the food to our table, we asked her what's that? she was being honest to clarify that it was her first day, she doesn't know anything but only take care of picking up food from kitchen. Gosh! Where's the product knowledge and training?? Fair enough, we forgave her. Then we asked another server why we ordered the same category of free flow of soft drinks, why served in different glassware? The answer been given, coz there got 2 bars, thus will have one small one big glassware.
I was sharing my beef rib combo with Emily, the beef ribs were served in an impeccable doneness, juicy and tasty, you should not miss it! As for the fish & chips nothing special, the codfish just nice bite, tony's sampler consists of chicken wing,famous onion loafer, potatoes with bacon & cheese served with 3 dips, ceasar salad bit dry (not enough dressing. The meal has not been completed without a sinful dessert. We had a brownie served with ice cream , it tasted awesome! After we settled the bill, the Assistant Manager came over our table mingled with us, we gave our feedback, he was eagerly to offer us another round complimentary dessert, as Emily's wish has been fulfilled. LOL! Besides, the A.M were wondering if we could offer him any opening in the future, we doubt that he's unhappy working over there. *grin*
We told him the service aint good as we expected, and we were seeking his explanation why the main course been served before appetizer. He told us that due to internal kitchen session has swapped the station hence the frying food came out later, the reason given was utterly unacceptable! Why? coz we are from the service industry as well and we know how the system work about and he was daring to bullshit us. HAHA!
Anyway, we still looking forward to pay them another visit at another branch some days, hopefully their service can be improved tremendously.

Tony Roma's entrance
Nora & Lynne
Emily, me & Mary
caesar salad
fish & chips
grilled fillet of cod fish served with tomato salsa
boneless beef rib combo with grilled prawns skewer
yummilicious boneless beef rib
grilled fillet of cod fish with 'kicking' sauce
tony's sampler
brownie with ice cream
tony roma's menu cover
Pavilion KL
'Z' escalator
OMG! need to climb staircase
Emily, Mary, Lynne & Nora


Jean Chia said...

i've been wanting to try this but havent got the chance. Thanks for sharing, jo!

btw, you;ve been tagged!

zthon said...

you've successfully made me hungry. hehe. thanks for sharing. hope i have the chance to try that out.