Friday, November 23, 2007

Hollys Cafe

I've been to Coffee bean, Starbuck, Gloria jean, San Fransisco, Dome cafe tried out their coffee. Recently i found this cozy place called Hollys Cafe located at Cineleisure, Damansara which is a korean franchise outlet.
Love their cozy comfy design, the staff welcome us with smile who provides good service to us. The best thing i love is i can get free internet access by using their laptop. Hurray! I needless to carry my laptop with me to go out, this cafe provides 2 Toshiba laptop with wifi access, pretty fast connection. Simply love it!
I've tried out their sweet potato drinks and green tea ice blended, tastes awesome!
Hollys cafe is such a great venue for me to hang out with my buddies, enjoy the drinks, chit chatting as well as online for facebook-ing. ^_^ What a heavenly place?! don't you think so?

the counter for you to place order
i saw this cute stuff displayed at the counter
yummy food!
merchandise stuff
spotted this at pick up point
Wow! i love this slogan!
Kiss me ,if you know coffee
sweet potato caramel
sweet potato macchiato
green tea hollycino
check it out, Look!
Hollys Cafe provides you free toshiba laptop with wifi

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x said...

i want to take the lappie back home :P