Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you blind?

I was utterly pissed in this morning after i received a STUPID phone call from a bitch!
Why ?
Because she is the last person who know the hygienist is unable to attend the meeting after her boss back from morning briefing informed her, she came and 'bomb' me for nothing coz i sent out the email *amendment* of change for meeting venue with attached all the correspondence email and information that the hygienist emailed me that he gonna be away.
But those 'smart asses' only read the top part of the email that acknowledge that the venue has been changed yet not even read the whole email. I'm wondering how big is their monitor screen that coz them can't read the following statement in the email. My email sent out to them only 2 lines where by need to scroll down bit to read the rest. BUT non of them read the whole email, only read the 2 lines and off the email. Till this morning another bitch brought up this information to inform all, then this bitch came and questioned me why i didn't put note there "pls scroll down"?
do you usually read email or article only read half way or 2 lines? PLEASE TELL ME then!!
I read the whole damn thing in order to understand the scenario / matter of what's going on?
Then now everyone not read their email properly yet come and blame on me!! FUCK you all!
Take your own risk and responsibility to read all your email carefully before you come and ask me anything!
So do you think they are bunch of ridiculour asshole? pain in ass? So 'D' BLIND one CAN?
Who ask them never read the whole email? whenever thing hiccup or something happened, only know came to ask the sender?
Should the sender need to educate the receiver how to read the email in correct way????!!

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BaBy JeE said...

No she's not blind, but she's not appreciating her sight to READ!ehehe

Thank god no more nice nice food blogs lately, or I'll hate u!! hahahahah