Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It wasn't me!

Aww....in the late afternoon out of sudden i got stomachache ...got the urge need to 'bake cake'.
I rushed into washroom wanna to do 'business'..
Suddenly *beep..beep*, i've got a sms...cool ^_^

"J: hey, what are you up to? I want Food!!"

I replied: "Hm..shitting in the washroom. What kind of food do you want?"

"J: WTF?!"

ROFLMAO!! What's wrong huh? I just can't stop myself being laughing after i read the sms inside the washroom like an idiot. I just being honest to tell the truth to my friend what i was doing, nothing wrong right?
But it's funny!! what a coincident the sms came at right time??!! LOL :p
It's not my fault!! :p
It wasn't me!! ahahahaaha...I didn't bully my friend... :P

1 comment:

x said...

best betul...chocolate swiss roll with bits of kangkung inside wukakakakak