Friday, November 30, 2007

November babies

Who are November babies?
Mikel, Stacy & Xj , as far as i know they are November babies. :P
Mikel has invited me to attend his b'day dinner at Ole-ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid. I went there with James together, oh my god! it seems another blogger gathering! haha..
Majority are bloggers, some are Mikel's colleagues and friends. It just another cam-whore session, cameras flashing everywhere to capture the best moments!
We mingled around, catch up with old friends, get to know some new faces, but i still missed out some unknown fellows. Don't blame me, i was too busy indulged myself with yummy food as usual. :P
After the dinner, we presented little b'day cake to Mikel and sang b'day song ..lalalalalala... Mikel mentioned that he is sharing the same b'day as his mum. woOt!
We had a glorious wonderful time together, KJ even showed us his superb pro style of Yo-Yo power performance, utterly amazing!
Since the night still young, we ended up party at poppy garden!! noobs, stay tune, some video clips are upcoming up! ~~

Ole-ole bali
This is KJ ~the poser~
Jo & James (my favourite brother)
Tony & Jason mumble
my kicking lemongrass mojito!
my balinese chicken salad
balinese roast chicken rice platter
chicken & fish combo
lamb chop

Yo-yo power
Mikel tried to murder his cake? LOL
XJ (pinkfrog),KJ, Jo, Benghan & Tony
~ops! sorry ah..Simon been cut off from the edge
Mikel's birthday group pic

Happy belated birthday to Mikel, XJ & Stacy!
(due to my late post up :P)

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