Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tasteless local food

One fine boring day, one of my colleague aka my big brother, Eddie brought me and Jasmine out for lunch. Normally i hardly go out for lunch, why? coz i've free lunch provided by company. Unless that day the menu is totally turn me off, i might go out with colleagues.
We went to Penang Village, it was an unpleasant dining experience. So far i been there for a few times, their standard has been dropped tremendously. Needless to talk about service, the server not even notice we walked in and sat at the table for so long, mind you the restaurant was quite empty, only one table has been occupied. We have to wait for so long for menu, wait for so long for food.
I was happy to see my food been served, the food looks delicious by its presentation, but once you taste it, totally turn off, it's tasteless! omg! They must changed their chef, this new chef doesn't know how to cook a perfect local dish. shame on you!! no matter what you have change the bowl and food presentation, but you never taste your food when you were cooking in the kitchen and dare to serve to us. SHIT! I've to add lots of prawn paste and sambal chilli to make my food became tasty! the food only looks good but tasteless!! That's why we always have to taste and give a bite on our food before get cheat by its look. hahahaha!
Guess what? before our drinks been served, the rojak came out first. Fine, at least the rojak can stuffed our hunger.
Oh well, i would not go back to this restaurant again....waste my time and my money!

Jasmine was drop dead boring over there
Eddied was bit impatient while waiting for his food to come
The restaurant

My tasteless assam laksa
Prawn mee


gale said...

tasteless?! those dishes look delicious!

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

yeah..looks delicious but again tasteless how? i don't why the chef never check the food..

Anonymous said...

i know this penang village
it's a different penang village
got one at my house
we used to love going there but now, like u said, not as good edi


rojak looks good though
btw, i wan the shanghai book too..hehe. *wink*