Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot pinkish outfit

a lovely sweet notes from Max
"Joann, you are always in black, so here, i got you a hot pink outfit,
hope to see you wearing it soon. "

Surprise!!!! I've got a surprise from Max!!
I love it!!
Max is a GEM, so sweet of her. She bought me this wonderful hot pinkish outfit, the outfit is designed by Nike. i didn't know that nike has designed such sexy pinky stuff, it's so lovely & trendy!She told me the design don't sell in M'sia & Brunei, she manage to get her friend brought it from HK. Wow! I felt so honour to have such an imported piece.
OMG! I'm flattering.....
Max, Thanks a bunch !! hugs!! ^_^

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x said...

fuuuu i likey this dresss :P