Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday Breakaway~ Air Terjun~ Waterfall

Sunday was a busy day!!
I woke up kinda early @ 6.30am, gave Christopher a morning call,then get myself ready for Sunday's event. What's so happening?
lalala.... Accent's club July TT, BBQ @ Ulu Langat, Sg Congkak...YES! Good for retreat!

Fida was so kind, even sms me to check whether i get up on time or not. *tee-hee*

I picked Christopher from Tesco car park then we went to 7-eleven to buy snack, bought lots of snacks. After that we were heading to Cheras to pick Stacy. Of coz on the way i morning called Stacy, *wake up!! wake up!!*

We managed to reach Petronas Jalan Cheras on time, met up some Accent Club's members. James and Fida came later on. We started off from Petronas, the journey to Ulu Langat, Sg Congkak took us around one hour to reach there. Just imagine one row of 8 Accent cars in the convoi, drove on the road. I must say ~ Cool!! Next time whoever get marry, we shall do that for the member for special occasion. LOL!

One stewpiak FFK member didnt show up, end up we don't have proper BBQ set. However, we stoped at the small town (on the way) to buy metal wire mas for our DIY BBQ grill. Thanks to James that he brought the charchoal.

After arriving the destination, we parked our cars together, paid for the RM2 parking (imagine kampung place need to pay car park?). All of us took some memorable photos.

We carried all our stuff walked around search for good spot for our BBQ activities. I brought pasta salad with sour cream & apple salad with yoghurt. Stacy bought a big watermelon, damn heavy! Christopher sponsored snacks and soft drinks. Christopher & Stacy brought their camera, so 3 of us were busy for photo shooting. Each of the them brought something along, Damien & Fida sponsored marinated chicken, Roziana sponsored sausages, Liesa sponsored lots of stuff i.e. bread, tuna, fried mee hoon, paper cup, paper plate, plastic fork, vegetables salad, etc.

All of us were so excited to see the small river, didnt manage go up to waterfall, coz we are lazy. Hahaha... The water is freezing cold, we put our drinks into the water, everyone of us soak our foot inside there... Owen found his good spot for fishing, he caught 2 little small fishes.

Fida, Roziana & I were busy BBQ, it was fun!! I brought my personal frying pan, to fry sausages, tomato and capsicum. Fida even creative, she created roti bakar with honey.

Oh yeah.. I still remembered the fun part of cutting the giant watermelon. Stacy cut the watermelon under the tree, on top of 'kayu balak'. We put plastic bag and container lid underneath, start simply cut the watermelon. Christopher also gave us a hand. :)

First of all, all guys jump into the water enjoy the water fighting, catching fishes.. After a while, needless to say, all of us joined the gang get wet together.

Before the BBQ session end up, Efy make her effort to turn up to pinch some of the food. Sree and I make a move after 1pm, coz Christopher, Stacy & I gonna rush for another appointment. Stacy has reserved a room @ Neways karaoke. We were so lucky, after we got into the car, the sky started to cry.. It was raining...

We spent 4 hours in karaoke, sang till almost lost my voice. muahaha! It was absolute fun time!!
After all, we went to Jaya Jusco Black Canyon Cafe grapped a drink, had some laugh together before back home.

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