Monday, July 10, 2006

Small little World

I'm a big big girl, in a big big world, it's not big big thing...

You're a small small prick, in a small small world, it's not small small thing...

Few days ago, i chat with a long lost friend in MSN, so happy that to find him back after 4 years MIA, he's back in action. DJ always changed phone number, so hard to catch up. He always travels around for his work. Last time he love to go to KLCC coffee bean puffing there and enjoy cup of coffee, i been there a few times with him. Fun fellow to hang out with. :)

I found him in Friendster, he told me to write him a testimonial, i did that. But funny thing was he didn't receive it. Finally we just found out that was his old account, how would i know he has another account?
Then i just realised that he was from KTJ, coz as far as i know he was from Inti College. Thus, I asked him: "do you know who is KK? Do you know how is CJ? both of them from KTJ too."
DJ replied me:" KK? That's old granny story. Ages story. CJ? CJ is an annoyed prick!! "
Wow! What a small world!!? DJ is not same age as KK & CJ. DJ is younger than both of them, but he knew them coz they are famous in school.
Do you know why? one of them was whacking king, creates trouble . One of them is superb big- liar- king aka 'Soh Lan', well-known annoying king to guys, but gals do like him, coz he's dumbass dandy always fool around with family's money. His attitude will lead to a dissipated life soon.
Then DJ told me don't ever mention we know CJ & KK both of them, so obnoxious!!

Hence, sometimes don't simply mess with people lah...this world is so damn small, one day will bounce to each other.. and your friend will know what you did in the past!! Then will spread around the bad things... Hahaha... don't always try to hide and cheat others, coz end of the day you knew and god knew it. You can't bluff yourself!! Deep down to your heart, you know how guilty you are! May be one fine day, people will find out the truth too.
The earth is round, what comes around and goes around. The retaliation will be coming against you soon...



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