Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday shopping spree

Sunny sunday afternoon was sleeping at home, suddenly phone keep ringing non stop, oh yeah! i almost forgotten i've got an appointment with Irene to One Utama. She told me wanna catch a movie and shopping over there.Dragged myself up shower and get ready to fetch her. Reached the mall, spent times to hunt for a car parking lot, end up found one at the highest level. Rushed to the cinema, non of the movie is excite and fascinate me at all, we didn't catch a movie since we were late and had another dinner appointment at kl town later on.-_-''
I saw there was an event going on at the new wing, had a peep.... wow! World game master competition, noticed that besides guys, still found many girls participated in the game master competition too. Fu-yoh! Hard core gamers!
Oh yeah...while we did our window shopping, i spotted HOJ beautiful crystal bracelet was on sales! oh my god! i want it! stepped in tried a few, picked one simple design that i love it. Before we leave, i saw Island Shop was on sales too! I couldn't help myself not to buy! *beat my itchy hand* I bought 2 simple top with unbelievable price!! LOL! simply love 'em!

World game master competition
Do you see those pc there? pls help me to count how many pc?
My wrist is kinda small / skinny
*mind you that skeleton kind*,
have to remove one of the crystal out from the bracelet -_-''
My new crystal bracelet
Nice tops from Island Shop

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