Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catch up with Irene

Irene with tomyam gong soup

Phat thai
water chestnut and jackfruit

The sunway pyramid new wing 's ceiling

my new pillows!

One fine sunny sunday, was hang out with Irene, a friend i know for over 5 years. We went to Sunway Pyramid for late lunch at Actually Thai which is delighted one. Simply love their tomyam soup!! Hot spicy & tasty!! After that we walked around in the mall with bloated stomach, wander till to the new wing. I kinda lost in the mall. Nothing much in the new wing yet, many shops still under renovation, the only completed that draw my attention is Jaya Jusco. I was so happy stepped in, end up out with 2 100% cotton pillows with quilt cover. hehehe!!
I brought the pillows into the cinema, we watched a hilarious movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry which make me laugh my lung out! Thanks to Irene who sponsors me a free movie ticket. What a lovely catch up with her. ^-^

1 comment:

X said...

wukakakka....where is your lung now ..:P

I havent watched ler...i like watching adam sandler one :P