Monday, October 08, 2007


Experience moments of Pure Pleasure!!!
OH MY GOD! It's Häagen-Dazs ice cream buffet promotion!!! Only RM33.90++ (39 nett) per person, all you can eat for 8 selected ice cream and topping!! A real retreat after a hard work!
Last Friday after work, rushed down to Bangsar Village with James and met up Grace for this Häagen-Dazs ice cream promotion! Before that, Grace told me that we ought to try out luck, take risk to go there, why? coz her friend went there before, he went there 3 times just manage get to try out the ice cream on his 3rd time! hahahaa!
Mind you, when we reached there, the 'emotionless' manager told us we have to make reservation, all tables been taken up. AWw...!! I still want to give 2nd attempt, we made the reservation on waiting list, after 8pm they will hold the table for 15 min for the guest, then will call us if there's any table available. We walked around in the mall and end up at MPH, we were very lucky, i received the call at 8.15pm, hurray! we manage to get a table for 3!!! never hesitate for a second, we rushed down to the outlet. The outlet still chaotic, we even spotted some gays there non stop refill their ice cream. LOL!
We indulged ourselves with the yummilicious ice cream!! I kid you not, i had 10 scoops of ice cream!! Oh my GOD! Simply irresistible!

Our table
James & Grace still need to decide which to pick??

Grace & James
Vanilla ice cream
belgian chocolate & macadamia nut ice cream
cookies & cream & Macadamia nut ice cream
strawberry & vanilla ice cream
coffee & vanilla ice cream
macadamia nut & chocolate ice cream
chocolate chips & coffee ice cream
chocolate & strawberry ice cream
belgian chocolate & vanilla ice cream

~ Slurp~ It's superb DELICIOUS!


X said...

Fuuu...10 biji ice cream? sure boh? I cant even finish 5 :S

but it looks really nice ...:P

i want rum and raisin!!!!

•゚ღJoღ゚•™o(‧”’‧)o said...

@ X: yeah..if u cant finish urs, pls donate to me..TQ TQ...:P
rum and raisin not incluside in this package , u hav to pay extra. :P