Friday, October 12, 2007

Screw up

Why there are some people come to work without bringing their brain? utterly irritating!!
Why no common sense at all? If you don't know, please ask, please learn, please tell, not to show your plain face look and ignorance!
Things just getting beyond control yet totally screwed up! before you open your mouth to utter any word and commit anything to the guest, please use your brain to think twice and provides correct information. Not to simply promised everything can drop from the sky yet you can't deliver at all or not existing, end up screwed up, then will pass on to me let me to handle and solve the problem for you. Would you give me part of your salary, in order for me to help you collecting shit out of the way?? You just put me in the utmost danger zone, i've to pick up the ball roll for you, give you the solution or i did everything on your behalf? You just digging your own graveyard, dig a big hole let yourself jump into it. And again, you did something wrong just keep quiet remain cool, thought no one will discover it, when we discover the disaster situation and received complain , you would said : it wasn't me! I don't know! or just hand over the document, mentioned up to my face: nah, you call the guest you handle it.
WTF?!! Am i your nanny? i need to baby sit you and your associates? you such a coward and jackass!! pain in the ass!!

Case 1:
I received a call which bounced to my office, the guest told me he encountered that your associate who is so unprofessional on the phone who handle his inquiry. He was bit upset about it and he make his afford to call up again wanna to get the reassurance on his reservation. Apparently, the associate confirmed his reservation , but again the Mr. H still bit worries what if he turn up no one attend to him on the event day, it gonna be so embarrass. The moment i apologize to him that we are closed during lunch time and suggested another alternative to him, he was not delighted and insist everything to be his way. He commented how could the associate committed to him and provides wrong information, he was upset about it. After a short 'investigation', found out the manager (that's you!) never brief the associate, the information has not been cascade down to all. Yet the idiotic associate committed everything, since we have no choice and ought to honor to the guest, we have to keep our promise. The end of the day, went all the way to please the guest that we will deliver whatever we committed to him and gonna to do the special arrangement just for him. Heck! the next day the guest called up that he couldn't make it! After my boss 'laser' you, you dare to step in and told him off that: Look! next time after 3pm please do not forward the call to my area, i wouldn't entertain the calls!! then he walked off!
Please bear in mind, if you do not know anything, please keep your mouth shut, carry your gut to be humble and learn. Not to push away the shit, throw away your ball, to show off your bossy look and being irresponsible. Don't talk big to me, don't bullshit to me, don't talk cock to me, don't put your ass on me, you just piece of CRAP! junkie! Don't expected too much from me that i will always go extra mile to help you, i do set my limit and practice things in moderation, beyond my limitation, i don't give a shit, just DAMN You! I don't want to put a monkey on my shoulder anymore!

Case 2:
A group would like to organize their eat out session over here, the organizer turn up want to do site inspection and made the deposit. He would like to discuss further details with the person in charge, HOLLY SHIT! you suppose come to work by 3pm, but only show up by 5pm. Fine, I get another person to deal with the organizer. HECK! another idiot i need to work with! He granted complimentary meal to the organizer and gave away my original copy of document let the organizer took away without inform me. The best thing was the next day told me to follow up to call the organizer, but without any contact information, told me that he let the organizer took away the document. BRAVO! great job! I just give a nasty look at him and continuous my work. Why should i care? It's not my duty to guide the area, i just being nice to assist whoever not around and do a favor for them, end up become my duty?! Yet i don't get any credit at all and no extra cash, no recognition, whenever shit happening i need to take the blame?! NO WAY! I rather you go to hell!

Case 3:
One fine day, your associate hand in a facsimile told me to call this particular guest. After i read the content, i almost wanna to scream. I called up the guest who couldn't understand my simple english and i feel want to give her 2 tight slaps! I just gave her a courtesy call that is there any special arrangement needed and i would like to inform her that i couldn't confirm her event time start by 2pm due to i've another event going on, the most i could offer the best time is 3pm which could allow us to turn over the space. HECK! you know what? We never confirm her event and space by any written confirmation, this smart ass even sent out her invitation to her guests that even commerce from 2pm onwards yet not even pay us single cent to guarantee her even space. She acts like she owes the whole company like that way! Then she told me that she been liaised with one of my associate since September, so far no problem arise why now i told her we have a problem? I went to check with the associate, S, she told me all the while she has keep contact with the guest, the guest wanted the manager to call her to discuss on operation issue but the manager not even bother to call. That mean the associate and manager knew about this event but why they keep quiet not inform the rest? I questioned her is that the way to work alone? why the communication broke down? It looks so unprofessional and look so bad from my side, i was damn pissed! No one know about these all donkeys being running around doing the clown's job!! I've highlighted the above issues to my superior that i would not handle this piece of shit! No payment been collected, no written confirmation, no one concern about it, just like nobody fucking business, why it end up become my fucking business?! CRAP! End of the day, still can't find any written confirmation on their record book, the correspondence i just recalled back via email, but the particular bitch not even reply to confirm anything, thus i just take it not confirm. The lead was taken by one of the associate , the bugger not even mentioned she was the one involve till i went to dig all out. It's bloody FOOL! The whole world know nothing but these two donkeys knew everything but keep everything to themselves. They thought they always be so GREAT!

Case 4:
A monkey called up wanna to book a space which i was told that the space been fully booked. I've no choice to turn down the booking and gave a courtesy call. But Holly shit! The monkey told me that the donkey manager just confirmed his booking, however it was fully booked he still manage got the seats! But why the idiotic associate told me no space at all at the first place? and again the donkey manager went to confirm everything and not inform another?
Another with double booking issue, end up same company with 2 booking. I just wonder how the donkey organize his stuff and planning for the rest. End up lots of no show. The donkey only know how to open his big mouth whining non stop!

OH MY FUCKING GOD! so obnoxious ! Need to work with bunch of monkey & donkey together!
NEVER LEARN!!! I have running out of word to descript how stewpiak they are, how piss i was!


Mrs.ThePoint said...

hahahaha.......soooooo funny

X said...

Zoo ka? got monkey and donkey ...wukakakakak