Thursday, October 11, 2007

French press coffee pot

This is my french press coffee pot! My first time was given to this press pot..hahahaa...sipping and enjoy my coffee at home.

How to use this french press pot?

Ready to Go
We've got enough coffee to start - 1 rounded tablespoon per "cup" (about 4oz).
* up to your liking, you prefer full bitter thicker coffee taste, add more *

Pre Boiled
Your water should be boiled ; pour into your press pot let it stay for few second and pour away.

Add Quick, Steady and Covered
It's important to add your coffee quickly , add the water steadily, saturating all the grounds by changing where the water falls.

Know your Level
Know how much water you need to pour in to fill the press pot, and still let the filter do its job.

Bloom Starts
We've covered most of the grounds, and already, a small bloom is starting.

Use a chopstick to quickly stir the slurry; this is optional, but aids in complete extraction.

It Doesn't Take Much
It doesn't take much to mix things up and make the bloom really come out. This is the result of maybe 6 stirs.

Steeping Time
Add the filter assembly, and start counting. For a small press pot like this one, a two or three minute steep time would suit. For a larger model, stick with the four minute steep.

Ready to Plunge
After our steep time is done, it's time to plunge down the filter. Grasp the handle firmly, get a solid grip on the plunger stick.

Even Steven
And start pressing down in an even, controlled manner, always keeping the plunger rod absolutely straight. If it goes crooked, grounds will escape into the upper portion.

Steady pours
When pouring with a press pot, it's always a good idea to hold on to the lid so things don't slide around or accidently pop out.

Voila! Cup of coffee is ready to go!

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X said...

Wah, so hard to make a cup pf coffee with this thing. I got lost at "ready to go" liao. I still prefer the olden "KOPI KAR" that looks like a women's bra. put coffee powder inside and pour hot water..ready to drink :P