Monday, October 29, 2007

Let's go party, babe!

Yayy! After stop clubbing for ages, Elaine manage to tickle my nerve go party with her!! Thanks babe!
We went to The Loft at Asian Heritage Road, that day another event was going on the Maison, i bet everyone knew it, Mix FM party!! We just stepped in there for while, dropped a hello greeting to Mikel over there! After that, we back to The Loft. Wow! We saw smoking hot sexy chic was dancing on the bar top who allured most of the attention! music plays on...body shaking...groove it...move
The place became chaotic after 12am, packed like 'sardin fish' in the can. We found a couple was pretty drunk on the dance floor, hugging each other, the lady was clinging on the boy and keep jumping..should i put as 'humping'? hahahaha... can't stop myself laughing at them.
It's was an absolutely FUN night gal outing! Sweat all out with non-stop dancing on the floor. ^_^

The bar next to The Loft
The Loft
Wow! dancer on bar top...:P
It's me!!
Ops..! she was so drunk!
Elaine & 'the boy'....sorry dude i can't recall your name :P

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X said...

eh..ui wanna party also and dance with the babes on the table top :P