Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Food brings people together!


Great food and good times with great people!
"A'more di merrier"
Food always brings people together! Friends gather at the dining table to share food and stories in a simple celebration of life.
For fun gathering, rejoice!

These two gatherings were held at Manhattan Fish Market, Bandar Utama & Italiannies, One Utama for birthday batch. (p/s: dudes, thousands sorry that for late entry, as you know i'm a procrastinator. LOL! Pls bear with me, at least i still remember to post it up. ^_^)

One gathering was celebrating Steph & Aprilcherry's birthday together at Italiannies, bunch of people turn up (very scary) just like another blogger gathering. Met some old friends and some new faces there. Camwhore session just like press conference, flashes everywhere. I kid you not!
Another gathering at M.F.M was special arrangement just for Jason diva, Sammie babylicious and Adrian, 3 b'day babies were celebrating their b'day together! We had a glorious time together!

What are they doing?
Andrew, Adrian & Jason
Steph & Me
(L-R) Sammie,Me,Jason,Adrian, Steph, Sylvia & Stacy
Group picture!
(L-R) Benghan, Andrew, Tony, Ocean, Jason, Me, Sammie,Stacy,Adrian,Steph & Sylvia
Birthday babies
Jason, Sammie & Adrian with their b'day cakes
*Cuppycupcake courtesy of Steph*

My buddy, Stacy & Me
Sammie, Me & Adrian
(L-R) Benghan, Sylvia,Jason, Steph,Ocean, Me & Tony
Tiramisu courtesy of M.F.M
Seafood platter, YUM!

Caesar salad
Opera cake & cuppycup cake
Grilled salmon from Italiannies
Grilled steak from Italiannies
Linguine carbonara from Italiannies

Beef lasagna from Italiannies
Cheese cake courtesy of Italiannies
Bread butter pudding courtesy of Italiannies
Chicken salad from Italiannies
Lovely couple
Some funny pictures from Fish eye lense, courtesy of Albert

Do you see some familiar faces?
Me & Benghan
Lalala! claps claps...Happy b'day to u...
Press conference oh?!
B'day girls with lucky boy!
(L-R)Asyraf gf, Asyraf, Smashpop,Rames,Me & Benghan
More people!!
B'day gals were giving speech :P
Benghan, Me & Sylvia
Spotted Calvin there!
Asyraf couple & Shaz
Steph & Me (sepia mode)
Jenifur & Me
Trio Sony Alpha shutters...proudly presented their toys!

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