Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What if he is Mr. Wrong??!!

Thinking of sealing the deal on a sweetie?
Why cute and hot should only be a bonus? Beside an attractive appearance, a good personality is a plus too!

Love or lust can put blinders on a gril's eyes and plugs in her ears. As we all said that 'Love is Blind', love a person no need a reason. You see or hear no evil about the man who is got you mesmerised. Wow! you must be overwhelmed.

As for his few short comings, you may gloss over them with universal equaliser known as ' nobody's perfect'! True...True..neither are you. But, while many things are forgivable, there are relationshioship non-negotiables on which you should stand firm. What if he is definitely a "Don't" & "No!! if he......

Any signs show that he's Mr wrong?! Let's see...

If he is taken. If you know he's with someone, married, attached, please steer clear of him. Draw a line stay away from him, do not touch this guy. Men who make advances on other women while they're with someone else obviously have trouble staying faithful and truthful. If he can betray his partner by making a play for you, there's no reason why they can't do it to you in the future. He might just want to get a laid. if he is serious about you, let him come to you free of romantic attachments. Don't put youself into hot pot soup and get involve with others affair. if he is not ready with you, let go.

If he wants to change you into someone you are not. if he is making demands for you to be someone you weren't when you two met, try to think if he likes you for who you are or if he is trying to mould you into someone else to satisfy his own preference. don't let a person put downs chipped away at your self-esteem, go with someone who think you are cute, sexy and gorgeous as who you are and love you as who you are when both of you meet.

If he is a big liar!! if you know he's a liar (a big fat jackass), he could lie about everything from what he had for dinner, to his mother's health, to his job or about his fidelity to you. while making a little white lie to spare people pain is part of human nature, pathologically covering up the truth or letting slip only a wee part of it are not noble qualities in a man. Do you ever experienced a man who lied all the time to save his ass. He told you he loved you, but then would go on a diving trip with anohter women leaving you alone on your birthday? Don't let the man who liked being with you just so he could enter clubs for free.

If he has dependency problems. Although you may not have articulated it well in your youth, you know that what you have always wanted is a man who is responsible for himself, someone who isn't being pushed and shoved towards impending ruin by forces beyong his control. Everyone knows the fatal effects of substance to abuse or gambling. if he is addicted to either, walk away from this one. Never let a man shout at you, beat you up and abuse you.At least you still have own dignity and self respect, never rely on this kind of man. if he can't even can take care of himself, needless to say how would you expect him to take care of you in the future?

If he is a freeloader. freeloading is a larger than the money issue it appears to be. If he's getting a free ride off you, how can you be sure he's really into you? He love your money instead of you??!!Have you ever encounter that you paid for all your dates, gave him a mobile phone, keys to your flat, sub him a credit card and gave him an allowance?? Before he milks you dry, sucks your blood dry, find someone who has what you have or isn't filching off you plate. Ask this kind of donkey lick his own toes and fuck off. As a man should carries own gut to feed himself well with successful career , stable income in order to secure his family.

If he doesn't care about your sexual fulfilment. Some men just all about himself, never bother about your feeling, until you moved on just know that you were missing out the big time. He has needs and so do you. But a man who works for his own pleasure and leaves you to fend for your self has a personality sore spot that goes beyond the bedroom. He's selfish and self-indulgent, not the type who will make good as a lover, friend or father. Next!! please.

If he doesn't feel right and so do you. He may be a looker on paper, be sweet as sugar and may even be your biggest fan. But if no sparks fly, don't force the issue. It doesn't work that way, one hand can't clap. But if something was missing, a soulful conversations. You need to have both way communications. We can't read others mind all the time, we need to coomunicate. Get someone who shared your love for commond grounds in life and hobbies together, sooner or later, a relationship will built on superficial attraction, rather than on deeper feelings, will crumble under the weight of your hearts inner yearnings.

Girls! Good Luck!! Look up to the faith, the chances will come along till you meet the right one!!

It's a fact, great guys fall for your inner qualities. So don't be someone you are not, just show off your best bits and go for Mr. Right, because you desert it.

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