Saturday, November 18, 2006

Splash you with Milk!! Happy Birthday to Mikel!!

(L-R) Me, Sylvia & BengHan
Cheers!! Trio...
(L-R) Patrick, Jo, Sylvia & Stacy
A big surprise!! Stacy & Birthday boy
Our gang!!
Peek-a-boo!! Mikel's style..
All 4 of us...again
Christopher & Jo
Jo & B'day Boy, Mikel!!
(L-R) Jo, Sylvia & Benghan
Stars & the ' moon'
Group picture!!
(L-R) Pat, Chris,Sly, BengHan, Jason, Jo, William, Mikel, Shaz, Stacy & Tony
Naughty Shaz & Jo
Roast Chicken (Sylvia's dish)
Jo & Christopher
Mikel was doing photo shooting
(L-R) Chris, Sylvia & Jo
Boy group!!
Chilli spicy pasta with prawn (Stacy's dish)
Grilled chicken (Pat's dish)
Fish fillet & prawns (Mikel's dish)
Fish fillet & mashed potato (jo's dish)
Tony & Jo
My lovely buddy!!
2 'crime' buddies!! too leng cai, killing lots of gals.
U snapped me, i snapped u too!!
(L-R) Tony, Jo, Stacy, Syl & Chris
Charlie's angel??!! *LOL*
Blow harder!! :p
Gang of the night!!
Happy boy stood on the chair!!

1117 was a significant day for Mikel!!
It's Mikel aka Splashmilk's Birthday !!!! If not mistaken, its also Mikel's mummy birthday, sweet yeah!

We wanna to throw a surprise birthday celebration for him!! Just for him! *LOL!* Hope he won't get heart attack!!*evil grin*

Before that i kept a secret away from others (didn't reveal it) that Stacy is coming back...*he he he* I manage to give all of them a great surprise that Stacy is back!!*music on* Justin Timberlake sang... I bring my sexy back!!... Mikel sang...I bring my susu back!!...Jo sang..I bring my stacy back!... *Muahahaa*...Actually ..the aeroplane bring stacy back!!
All of us miss Stacy so much!!!Finally she is back to KL!! Hurray!
Stacy touched down in the afternoon, she took a nap then rushed to my place, poor thing..she was trapped in traffic jam for 1 1/2 hour at Federal Highway. After meeting, i was rushing home too. Somehow We manage to reach One u in 25 minutes. ^o^

Met up Patrick & William at Tower Records,they showed me the gift then we went to TGIF together. Coincidently, William is my college's junior, what a small world!
We met Sylvia & Benghan, both of them were the first one to be there. Few minute later, Christopher has reached TGIF too. All of them were so surprised to see Stacy appeared with me, *hehehe...* surprise!! mind you, is not a ghost!! it's REAL STACY!!

Then i got a call from notty Shaz, he told me he can't make it coz he was in S'pore. He's a damn good story teller aka actor, bluff me that he can't make it, suddenly showed up in TGIF. Yeah right! Wanna give me a surprise too!

Finally Tony & Mikel reached there, Jason (another blogger) also reached on time. Mikel had a great surprise that some unexpected friends turn up at his birthday dinner.

We mingled around and placed our drinks & food orders accordingly.
When food were served, camwhore session was on...everyone was busy snap here & there.

After dinner, fun session was coming!! TGIF staffs get Mikel stood on the chair, let him grabbed a bottle of chilli sauce to give speech. Mikel was so funny, seems donno what to do...??!! TGIF staff teased him to give a friendly 'smoochie' to Sylvia. *LOL* Both of them shy shy loh..~~ ^o^ They presented a blueberry cheese cake (thanks to Sylvia help us to get the cake)with candles, Mikel gonna to blow the candles from a distance (approximate 1.5 chair distance), i was the one who hold the cake let him blow off the candles from far away. We were thrilled to see how he manage to blow the candles off. :P Then, Mikel had a cake cutting and let us 'chew' the cake..yummy!!

And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIKEL!!
Wish your dream comes true...
One year older one year wiser..^o^

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Anonymous said...

aiyo.sorry..i baru browse ur past blog today..yeah its good to be back...i purposely finish my work there faster and come back faster...kekekee